LED Bulbs @ Spot Lighting? Anyone?

behlgarden(9)October 19, 2011

Has anyone installed LED bulbs @ Landscape spot lighting? I tried one type of bulb and wanted report my findings:

I bought this 1.5W warm white LED Bulb from Amazon.com link


1. Bulb has 99 lumens and color is a bit whiter than regular 10W halogen bulb.

2. I replaced the 10W JC10 type bulb from malibu spot light

3. Light from LED was not as bright as halogen but I found it well worth it given it consumes only 1.5W.

4. Bulb supposedly has a life span of well over 20K hours.

I am planning to change all my 20 spot lights in my yard. I think a little bit of sacrifice in brightness well compensates for the power savings, 20 spot lights at 10W = 200W/hr. that is a lot of consumption of power. Specially with winters approaching, the lights in the yard will have to be on for much longer periods.

Has anyone had any luck with LED lights? I hate the solar LED and white color LED lights. I think I may have found something that works for me and I like, just wanted to get others opinions.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I am changing out the mr16 halogen lamps in the building I manage. They are sort of like small interior spots. The LED versions vary wildly in price and brightness, from $20 to $50 each.

If you are happy with the one you have tried I say go for it. Reducing the number of lights would be an additional way to save.

The very bright led's that you see sometime are usually meant to be used outside. There is a new convenience store in our town that for some reason put that type of led inside. Its really awful and gives led's a bad name. I think extremely bright lights are obnoxious outdoors as well, actually.


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