Snapdragon and pansy seedlings

BethanyLynnTJuly 12, 2014

Hello! Last week I planted a small container with some seeds I found in my drawer that were about 5 years plus old. Pretty sure I didn't plant them right as I've discovered snapdragons don't like to be buried as seeds and I did just that. Not deep mind you and I so live in Florida and it's middle of July so they are receiving full sunlight as well as high humidity and it's our rainy season so ample water. My question is how long, if ever, till they sprout? Should I repurpose the pot? I also have tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, and cucumber seeds bought at the same time about 5 plus years ago; Should I toss those or make a go of it with them? Keep in mind the snap and pansy seeds are in a pot on my back porch.

Thanks ahead of time for the advice :)

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

Go for it. My collard, kale, and musturd seeds are still viable after 5 years. My green been are not, My watermelon seeds were 4 years and they came up great. If they don't come up, go buy new seeds

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