Pics of my garden.

containergirlJuly 9, 2006

Here are some pics of my balcony gardens. I have two balconys stacked on top of each other, which I hope to do some fun stuff with. My blog is not really a blog, but more of a photo site at the moment. I just started it yesterday and have a lot of things to figure out!

Here is a link that might be useful: my garden blog

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I really enjoyed seeing your pics.
I moved to a rented house last year after owning a home for years and I may be relocating again!
I am so encouraged to see that it is still possible to garden when you don't have a traditional house/yard.

at the rented house i am in right now I have a garden behind the patio--it is mixed flowers and herbs and veggies. I have no idea what sort of place we will have if we move again- house/apartment???

as I'm waiting to find out if we are indeed going to move--I am imagining the different ways to garden in small or rented spaces. Thanks for posting your pics! They are so encouraging! Maryt

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Saw you post over in the Container Forum! You have a cool set of balconies and great selection of plants!!! :-D

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Maryt, it's pretty amazing what you can do in a small space. I feel so lucky to be on a street and in a building surrounded by gardeners. All 9 units in my condo have nice deck gardens, as do many people across the alley, next door, etc. I posted in the small spaces/urban gardening forum that you know your an urban gardener when you can admire a half dozen other gardens from the comfort of your own. Sure, I have to lean over the railing to catch a peak at the one below, but it's nice just knowing it's there. Some may call it spying, I call it admiring LOL.

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Wow. In my old home, I had a house on 7 acres of land. About 1/2 an acre was probably cultivated in some way--into some kind of garden.
I have now a small yard, bordered by houses on every side. Its rented. We just got grass this spring, and my garden is small. I did learn though that I could be happy with this. Although-I just found out yesterday we are not moving again soon--so I am thinking of putting in another bed for veggies maybe. :-)
This is a SMALL garden to me-- but I was thinking the next one might be a balcony--now I feel like I have a huge one after seeing your pics and post.

STill--I remember one of the neatest books I ever read was by a guy who lived in an apt somewhere in NYc. He had a garden in his apartment that was entirely made of seeds,and pits from things he had eaten! It was such a neat book. :-)

Gardeners are gardeners I think, no matter what the space constraints they are always in the dirt. Mary t

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