In Fear of Frost

dolcettaAugust 12, 2008

I have recently moved to an (urban) apartment with 4 large outdoor spaces, 2 shabby, neglected gardens and 2 HUGE (room-sized) upper-level balconies. Being overwhelmed with the amount of landspace (finally!) at my disposal, and being as it is so late in the season, I've decided to focus my attentions on the balconies and wait until after spring to attack the others. One balcony faces east, the other west, both enjoy full sun, are subjected to the wind and have hook-ups for hoses, so watering is going to be a breeze. Both are also fully visible from inside and rather prominantly seen from the street. My problem is that winter is fast approaching, and being rather impatient, I would like to enjoy a month or 3 enjoying my new surroundings in a lush sea of color before Ohio's bleak winter arrives to smother it all. What can I plant now, in mid-August, that would allow me to indulge this fantasy? So far my starter-garden (I'm a novice here)consists of a standard hibiscus tree, that's suffering from the wind, a thriving canna lily, some hanging supertunia, a hydrangea I can't diagnose, for example. I'd like to get some climbers started along the railing and up the wall, but is this something I'm going to wait for? Thanks to all in advance...

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Grab a couple knockout roses in bloom then plant them in the yard in november. Likewise wth a pee gee hydrangea.

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