Please recommend some useful/medicinal window sill plants

ibex333(6)August 6, 2008

I'm looking for some nice plants that I can grow on my window sill. There's plenty of sun here, which might be good or bad depending on the plant.

My criteria:

1)Must be a plant that has medicinal properties, so that I can use it to improve my health. something that is used for teas, herbal remedies, or other "concoctions". ;)

Maybe something that's good for nerves/stress, or the stomach, etc, etc...

2)Must be relatively easy to grow and take care of. I am broke and I cant buy fertilizers, watering systems, and other stuff. Just basic soil, water and a pot.

3)I prefer that the plant also has a strong, pleasant smell, but that is not necessary. Just a bonus.

4)It is preferred that the plant doesn't grow too large, although I might put up with that if the benefits outweigh the size.

I already have aloe vera and callisia fragrans.

Thanx very much for your help.

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nhchicky(5 So NH)

hello, i would suggest maby some mint plants.. like peppermint they don't need as much light as some other herbs like the flowering chamomile. but since u mentioned for ur tummy id go with mint. and u can buy a seed packets that are very inexpensive. and plant it whenever u want. get it right up there in as much sun as u can. easy to take care off as well. might get a little tall. just prune it a bit. herbs are great!! i have a catnip plant i leave on the floor for my cats.. it just keeps on growin :) good luck

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The mints, of cource, but think also of curly parsley. Good for eating and for soups and tea. Sweet basil also is good for eating and for the wonderful odor.

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Yes, parsley, basil, cilantro, dill. All wonderful aroma therapy for me. Are these for growing outside or inside?

You can find herb (and flower) seeds on sale at Walgreens some time in Feb Mar or Apr. They'll have the 10 pkts for a dollar!!

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