Geranium question

sparkleclown(6)March 10, 2010

I have two geraniums that I am trying to over winter. One is doing very well and I may even try to take some cuttings of it.

My problem is the other one and I really love it. It is one I never say before, the flowers are kind of spiky that's the best way I can discribe them, and the nursery where I bought them has gone out of business so I don't know where to find them again.

Most of the plant died back. Now I have one stem about 6" tall with four little leaves on it. Is there hope to end up with a nice viable plant? Should I cut it and try to root it? Kind of afraid to tamper with it but I just don't know how to help it.

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Make sure that the soil is not too wet, let it sort of dry out between waterings. If it is in a big pot you could transplant it into a smaller one, so that its not sitting in wet soil for long periods of time. I would be afraid to tamper with it also, but if it is in too large and pot and the soil is too moist, that will surely do it in. I find that my overwintered geraniums like being on the dry side. Good Luck, I hope it pulls through!

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