West facing balcony in Virginia in August/Sept.

lunarmothSeptember 10, 2006

Hello everyone! I have been off the garden web for 3 years but now Im back so I have some catching up to do.

I am offering some suggestions for those of you who have balconies facing due west (sun from 1 pm until sunset). The following plants have done well on my 2nd story balcony for 3 years:

Carolina Jasmine: no drainage holes in pot and will drink a two gallon bucket of water a day when it gets hot. (grows up the railing and shades the pot. Blooms in spring. Only problem are the finches who clip the new growth for nesting material. (root prune if possible)

Autumn Clematis: with drainage holes and drinks 1 gallon a day. ( In full bloom now) Stressed out on the west side of the balcony but is thriving shaded side. Cut back in winter and root prune in spring.

Miscanthus grass: hangs out on the western side of the balcony: does well.

Springerii (spelling?)

Two hanging baskets wtih grape Ivy (dont know the latin name) and verbena. Has done very well. I have to add that since I am on the second floor I cheat on the hanging baskets (GASP!)The verbena is still blooming but has gotten that hot summer legginess (grape ivy loves the heat) so I went and got some Walmart fake greenery (spider plant) to add a little bit of texture and fill in the holes. Looks great from the parking lot and is not two objectionable from the deck.

I really think the key to all of this is that the roots in the pots are shaded from the sun by the greenery.

I have pictures that I will share when they are developed.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Look forward to seeing the pictures!

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