Old bench

marie_col.riv.gorgeNovember 10, 2010

Years ago I bought a "park bench" with the idea of refinishing it. It is wrought iron on the side with wood slats in between. I took it apart to sand and refinish the slats and I had trouble putting it back together. I finally got it back together... Now it has been a year and it needs refinishing again.

Any suggestions on refinishing without taking it a part?

Any ideas on keeping the wood looking good for more than one season in the Pacific NW?

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I bought one of those also, but had to replace the wood. I used polyuerethane for use on boats ( Cabots Harbor master) and put on many coats at least 4 and it's held up for 1 full year and still looks good so it may last for quite a while. The metal I would try to mask off the wood and spray paint the metal or brush, either way.The harbor master is clear so you put on whatever color you want under it.

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Fin Coat is Waterproof scratch resistant clear coat. Fin coat provides water proofing bacteria free, UV resistant, coating for finishing of wooden furniture (water based PUD with matt & gloss finish).

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