Balcony vegetable garden

istara(Sydney, Australia)November 12, 2008

My garden is not a conventionally beautiful garden like many people's I have seen on here, but it is beautiful to me because nearly everything was grown from seeds.

The majority of the plants growing here are heirloom vegetables which I am trying to grow as organically as possible, using seaweed based fertiliser - it stinks! - and natural pest controls such as chilli spray, garlic spray, pyrethrum - and so on.

You can see more of my gardening photos here:

Mobile Me gallery

The Good Life 2.0 tumblelog

I would really love to hear from others that grow vegetables on their balconies and verandahs, and what their best successes have been. Currently I am growing:

Tommy Toe tomatoes

Reisen tomatoes

Crookneck squash

Jack-Be-Little pumpkins

Turkish Orange eggplants

Violet Queen beans

Red Meat radish (white on outside, pink on inside!)

Saxa radish

Purple Sprouting broccoli

Rainbow chard/silverbeet


Oakleaf lettuce

Mizuna lettuce

Plus herbs and companion plants including marigolds, nasturtiums, thyme, borage, hyssop, lavender, salad burnet, lemon verbena, garlic chives and a sunflower.

Trying to grow lemon basil, meadowsweet, sage, evening primrose and lemon balm, but no luck so far. Evening primrose and lemon basic germinate, but the seedlings keep dying.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Good Life 2.0

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yennie(Australia, Vic)

All you plants look fantastic! Your rainbow silver beet and tomatoes look great... i hope mine looks as good as yours! I'm growing lotsa stuff in pots too since we're renting... no garden! I love all your pics! keep it up!

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I grow spinach in a windowbox container. I WS them, works out great! When the spinach is done, I grow bush beans.

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