Seeking Mallow Seeds

posieh(3)March 4, 2010

A few years ago I had a beautiful Mallow that was a bright Pink and about 2 ft. tall, I believe it was called "Silver Cup" but I'm not sure. Does anyone have a source for these shorter, bright pink yarrow seeds. Would appreciate hearing about them.

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Silver cup is a bright pink annual Lavateria--a beautiful plant. It is in the mallow family--not a yarrow at all. Most seed companies carry it. You were just looking under the wrong name.

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Oh, dear, I messed up! I didn't mean to combine the yarrow seeds and the Lavatera seeds. Yes, the mallow is a Lavatera but the yarrow I have been searching for and forgot to mention is Coronation gold. I grow lots of flowers to dry and the Cornonation Gold is the best yellow or gold yarrow that I've found but have lost the seed source and lost my plants.

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True 'Coronation Gold' is propagated from cuttings or division, not seed. That is why you aren't finding a seed source for it.

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