Where to buy annual flower plugs

mhowardMarch 10, 2014

I'm wondering if anyone has ever boughten flower plugs. Imparticular I'm looking for Calibrochoa and Wave Petunia plugs. I started planting from seed about 3 years ago and it has been a fun adventure failing and learning. But I'm curious if I might have better luck with the looks and how fast I get big plants if I were to get some plugs at this point. I've searched on the internet and have found NCFarms I think it's called and Harris seed (which I don't know if they would sell to and individual because they say they are wholesale). But you have to buy them in such big quantities.
I'm not quite sure to invest the money in them or not. I start seeds in my basement under lights. And if the weather cooperates I put up a little 6 x 9 green house in April so I would have a place to move them to, still probably not big enough for the huge quantity I would have to buy but willing to maybe give it a try.
So anyways any help on a good source for the plugs would be greatly appreciated. I live in West Central Minnesota if that makes a difference to anyone.
Thank you :)

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You can buy plugs in some seed catalogues but they are much more expensive than buying seeds. I know some Canadian seed companies sell to the home gardener but can't sell them in the States because of import laws. Besides you pay as much --or close to the price of buying the plants

I don't think any greenhouse is going to sell plugs when they can pot them up and get double the price in a couple of weeks.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as far as i understand it.. the plug industry.. is the wholesale industry...

yet you want plugs in retail numbers...

unless you can find a group of friends who will share a tray of plugs in volume.. i think you will be out of luck


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Thanks for the input. I actually was able to order a tray of 15 Wave petunia plugs on Ebay. The seller had good reviews of others being happy with product. Hopefully they will be good plants. Also I called a local nursery just 1/2 mile from my house and talked to them. I've known them for years and they said they would be willing to maybe sell me a few Calibrachoa when they get them in as long as it was for my own personal use. And they also told me that you usually have to have a minimum order and most sell by 288 count trays, so that would be WAY out of my bounds. So I guess I will give it a whirl. Hopefully I have better planning for next spring seed planting cause I know it is much more fulfilling to grow your own from seed.

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Hi m,

After years of running around for miles (because I live in the country) I looked to the internet to find a good source for my flowers and veggies. I had some bad luck there too, but have finally found the place that makes me happy. I have NEVER had a plant fail from them and if I ever have a question, I just pick up the phone and call them. I know they must be busy, but they make me feel like I'm their only customer :)

They have Calibrachoa and the Wave Petunias. You can order now and they will ship them at just the right time for planting in your area. Their plants are guaranteed to arrive alive and have a really good root system when they arrive. These plants come in a 3 or 4-inch pot and are packaged to avoid damage. I think you'll be happy with them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Annual Flower Plugs

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I also enjoy the petunias but the funny thing is that they are quite common at stores like Lowes. Inevitably, some petunias, including wave petunias, will be on clearance, then I get a few for all the different spots around the yard. It may mean I don't put them out in early April (as an example) but by late May or June, I'll be able to get some of these plants.

Not sure how different the plant selection will be there at your spring or summer months.

I have tried seeds, since they are also very cheap for quite a lot of seeds, so I seeded directly into pots and the garden, but don't seem to have much luck with them popping up on their own.

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