Container grown fruit trees zone 10

epiprenDecember 5, 2008

I have a south-east facing balcony in zone 10. What kind of fruit trees are possible to grow in containers? I'm thinking of orange, tangerine, persimmon, and pomegranate. Would these grow in 18-20" containers?

Any and all info, links, personal experience would be helpful. Thanks!

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Hi Epipren,

I am in zone 7 and I can definitely confirm that pomegranate, orange, and tangerine trees grow in containers. Not sure about the measurements but give it a try. Plants can only grow as big as you allow them. Happy growing!

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Hi tiffaney,

Thanks for the encouragement. I like pictures, do you have any you can post? I have the containers in storage. I'll get the sizes and post.

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Hi Epipren!
My cousin grows an orange tree on her patio! She's also in zone 7. Looks great too.
Here's a link for info you may find helpful.

Best of luck!!

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Tropical fruits
Avocado Jaboticaba

Banana Kei apple

Capulin cherry Miracle fruit Cattley guava Natal plum

Ceylon gooseberry Papaya

Coffee Pineapple

Guava Pitanga Grumichama Pitomba


Citrus fruits
Grapefruit (dwarf) Key lime
Orange (dwarf)

Temperate fruits
Apple (dwarf)
Stonefruit (dwarf)

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: CRFG has a list for you :-)

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