White Marigold varieties

bellegallica(9)March 4, 2007


I like all the marigold varieties, but have become fascinated with the whites lately.

I grew 'French Vanilla' last year and thought it was ok. This year I picked up packets of 'Snowball' and 'Snowdrift.' They look even better than 'French Vanilla'.

Has anyone grown all of these? The reason I'm asking is because the packet for 'Snowdrift' says that it prefers some shade in the afternoon. The packet for 'Snowball' doesn't say anything like that.

Just wondering about the placement of these and if others have tried them out in various locations.


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I just picked up a packet of Snowball myself the other day. Sorry I can't be of more help - first time for me too! But I'm sure looking forward to them, though.


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I've grown all three. I like the French Vanilla for it's improved, compact bushy growth. The Snowball, I think, has the prettiest blooms. Really full and a bit whiter than the French Vanillas and the Snowdrift. And, "yes", the Snowdrifts are the only one of the three varieties that does require some afternoon shade. Which works out well for me because I needed something that would do well in a spot that gets shaded in the early afternoon. I have to admit, though, I'm not as thrilled w/the blooms of the Snowdrift. They're more open-looking. Like certain varieties of chrysanthemums. Oh, they're pretty and like the other two, don't have that typical "marigold-y" stink. (Well, to me most marigolds are kinda stinky.) But if I'd been able to get the Snowballs again, I would have preferred to start them.


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Thank you for the replies. Now I know 'Snowdrift' has to go in the backyard. Still not sure where I'm going to put 'Snowball'.

Hope you enjoy yours!

Happy Growing!

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I am trying Burpee's new variety, White Wedding. I will have to report later on how well it does

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jackied164(z6 MA)

You know 3 years ago I actually tried all of these and found that they were my neighborhood groundhog's favorite snack. To me they all looked the same throughout summer - chewed back and torn to pieces and it broke my heart. - for those unfamilar with groundhogs the worst insult of their damage is that they dont actually kill the plants....they plants remain half chewed stumps with their constant grazing. Anyway, I had not a single bloom and I had dreams of converting all my marigold naysayer friends. Maybe I will try again if I move to a place that nature doesn't feel the need to assert itself so strongly.

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Does anyone have anything to add about white marigolds? Are there any new, improved varieties?

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Is the variety, Snowball, for sale on any seed racks this year?

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

I tried Burpee's Snowman a couple years ago. I liked it. Had no smell that I remember.

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