What does well in cold, heat, wet, dry,

ms_minnamouse(7a)December 17, 2008

I'm in zone 7, Maryland and it gets cold in the winter, near 0 degrees Fahrenheit and it gets hot in the summer, sometimes around 100 Fahrenheit. We have cycles of drought to lots of rain for days but usually normal moisture.

I'm tired of refilling my window boxes with annuals every growing season so I was hoping that someone could recommend a plant that can stand up well to all these conditions.

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Sempervivums = cold

Cactus = cold down to 20F but dry , loves heat =plus ample water
Soil must be fast draining
Sansevieia heat, + ample water

Sansevieria when cold below 55F no water.

No leaves stop watering,

Madagascar= must have winter warmth

Haworthis, and Gasteria, can tolterate temps down to 20F winter growers. Little water in the summer months when dorment

Keep all plants free of dead leaves on the bottom, less chance of rot. Don't try to forse growth on any plant. In doubt don't water.
Wet = Tropical plants, bulbs gone dormant do not water, they need to rest.


This is just a guide of general information.

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I meant, what is ONE plant that does well in ALL of those situations.

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