Black-eyed Susan vines

mmegaera(8bWA 4Sunset)March 24, 2007

I adore them. I also have some hanging boxes on my patio that would be perfect for them. However, I tried to start them last year in peat pots on my windowsill and all I got was a couple of sprouts about five inches tall. They never went anywhere.

I haven't seen them in my local nurseries (except as huge $25 hanging baskets that I can't afford for a one-season plant) so I'd be starting them from seed. I'm willing to start them in the house. I have a south-facing window, but a very gloomy Pacific NW climate. Not willing to do a fancy light setup (I wintersow most of my seeds, but I understand these don't take to that). The house is kept fairly cool. Is that my problem?


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These are too tender for my area. When I lived on the coast I could grow them, but here the nights are too cold and I have given up. Al

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That makes no sense Al....people have grown them from seed and have gotten beautiful blooming plants in zone 6! Do you mean you can't grow them as perennials where you are? Most sources say hardy to 9a.


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mmegaera(8bWA 4Sunset)

I wondered if the cool summer nights here might be the problem. It doesn't stay above 60 here at night very often even in July and August.

Well, I'll give them one more try. I've already bought the seeds [g].

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They will grow here as an annual but if you are used to growing them as a perennial they seem pretty wimpy and hardly worth the effort. Al

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stevation(z5a Utah)

These have been a big disappointment to me both times I tried to grow them. I treat them as annual vines, and they never got more than two feet tall for me. I thought the flowers seemed much smaller than the photos in the catalogs made them look, too. The flowers also faded in the sun a bit.

I wish they would grow as a vigorous annual, and then they'd be worth it!

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asarum(z6 Boston)

Here in Zone 6, New England I have successfully grown these from seeds. Some years I have had profuse growth and now that I think of it, some years not so profuse.

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