Vole resistant annual recommendations???

victorine72(7a)April 6, 2009

Help!!! Does anyone know if the following annuals are at all vole resistant? I have gomphrena, various coleus, ageratum, zinnias, portulaca, petunias, cosmos, clarkia, four o'clocks, ammi majus, nicotiana, black-eye-susan vine, amaranthus, convolvulus, vincas, verbena, impatients and morning glories. Some of these I have been growing from seed since February. I would be very sad to loose the hard work to critters. I don't want to plant all of them in mesh cages if I don't have to.

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I don't know if you need to worry about the voles. Check with your neighbors to see if they have been suffering actual vole damage to their ornamentals. If they haven't, I wouldn't worry about it until you suffered known vole damage.

If it develops that voles are an actual problem for you, you can consider Vole control measures. I am not sure there are any "vole resistant annuals", if that is even a known category. Possibly Castor Beans, but they aren't in your list. Although voles may not be a problem for you, I think you should be more concerned about cutworms. They can do serious damage among small plants. I have no idea if any of your plants are resistant to cutworms, but I bet a lot of them aren't.


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