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hollyhocker_123(6)April 23, 2014

I finally am able to log in! I was pulling my eyeballs out of my head! I'm really late in starting seeds. Is it too late for petunias and snaps. I just couldn't get it together in feb. I bought this seed starting mix in Walmart. I tried to moisten the soil from below. It wont dampen. I made this seed holder from an empty mushroom container. I put holes in the bottom. This mix wont moisten. I never had this problem wth potting soil.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i use an old fashioned dish washing pan ... fill with media.. and use warm water and toss it around until it moist .. see link ..

peat soaks up warm water easier ...

put in the pot or tray ... and plant the next day.. when its cool ...

if you already put the seed in.. i dont know... how to wet it ... leave it in a tray for days on end.. and mist it from the top???

i always moisten media PRIOR to use ...

if your mushroom container is paper.. you have a good chance of introducing disease ...

you would be better off buying a salad and using a tray with a top for germination ... with holes in the bottom.. wash it wish 10% bleach first .. a mini greenhouse ...

you have plenty of time in z10.. to grow seed.. you just wont be the first garden with flowers...

good luck..


Here is a link that might be useful: think dollar store

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If you're in zone 10 then it's too late for petunias and snapdragons from seed. They like cool weather.

Next time you buy potting mix make sure it has a wetting agent in the ingredients. For now, knead and squeeze the water into the peat moss like you're mixing dough. Don't let the mix ever dry out after planting.

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test message

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paul_(z5 MI)

Ken's suggestion is the best one with regards to wetting media -- do it before planting. However, perhaps you tried to and had issues there? There are a couple things one can do to make the initial wetting easier, IME.

One is to mist/spritz the media as well as pouring a bit of water into the tub wherein the media is being moistened. Mix the media up a bit. Spritz again. Add a little more water if the first quantity was absorbed but most of the media is still dry. Repeat

Another, which can be used in conjunction with the above is to add a couple drops of dish detergent to the water first. Swirl the water gently so the drops dissolve but not so vigorously as to make the detergent foam.

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