adrock430(6A)April 4, 2011


I have some ageratum that are growing nicely, but growing up on one stem, not bushy like I'm used to. Should I tip the plant to promote side growth?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

at every leaf on the stem.. look real close.. where the leaf attaches to the stem ... you ought to see dormant buds..

if you do .... pinch above.. and you will activate the dormant buds below ... you can do this on ANY plant ...

did you start these as seeds???

the plants we usually buy.. are already pinched back... or treated to stimulate the dormant buds ... and thus.. become more bushy ...

you have more than one.. so do one.. and give it a week.. and see what happens ...

and if you are happy.. do the rest ...

if you did start them indoors.. and they are extending more than normal.. perhaps they did not have enough light ....


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The internodes are short enough, so getting enough light, I'll make sure to pinch tonight, as I did see the buds you mentions. Thanks!

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