Poppies petals are falling off at first wind :(

PolluxJacApril 7, 2014

Hello-- I have these beautiful poppy plants, and they are blooming wonderfully. I just transplanted them (they were store bought), which might be the problem, but they are growing and blooming just fine. The problem is, the petals are so delicate that anytime there's a little bit of wind, they fall off! Does anyone know why? They all look so sad this way...

Thanks in advance!

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Poppy blooms are typically ephemeral, ie...this is normal.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Yeahp, they are very short lived. I often don't see blooms that open when at work. Only way I like them, and I have piles, is multiple sow dates and en masse.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

and transplant shock ...

BTW.. which poppy are you talking about.. perennial or annual ...


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Campanula UK Z8

Mmmm, would agree that this is almost certainly down to transplant shock. Yes, they are ephemeral and can be stripped by howling winds.....but as a rule, despite their fragile papery appearance, well grown (ie. direct sown or self seeded) poppies of most varieties (and there are many, many types) are tougher than might first appear. Don't fret, they should come round and later blooms should be a bit more robust.
Not cavilling here, but Latin names are useful........

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Hey guys, thanks :) Yeah, I kind of thought it would be transplant shock. Just moved so I purchased them from a nursery, that's why I don't really know the latin name or anything... I do know they're annuals though. I moved them in the same dirt I bought them in into bigger pots with more dirt, they weren't very rooty but the dirt is different than what they're used to. This is a picture of the flower three days ago when it opened (if you guys are curious as to what kind of poppy it is, I also have a smaller hot pink flower now on the same plant), later that afternoon it lost two petals and looked sad already. Oh well, guess I'll have to try from scratch ;)

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

What you have there is Papaver nudicaule aka Iceland Poppy. It's a short lived perennial usually grown as an annual. So that's the name to Google for further cultural information.

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Thanks guys :)

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I grew Iceland Poppies one year... LOVED THEM! They were beautiful little delicate workhorses that bloomed in a full sun container (with, if I remember correctly, dwarf cleome, trailing verbenas maybe, spikey grass and a few other things... seems I don't remember). Anyway, once the we got into the throws of summer heat they went dormant as they usually do. As floral_uk said, they're short lived and, well, mine never returned (transplanted them to the ground in early fall where they did put up a few little leaves before winter came). At any rate they were beautiful - best of luck PolluxJac!

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