How many coleus to plant in containers?

ljes1686(8 Louisiana)April 4, 2006

I have several varities of coleus all in 4" nursery pots. I would like to pot them to keep on my porch. I have a patio planter that is 24" x 12". How many can I put in there? I also have a 13" round planter. Can more than one go in there or only one? I also found a cute rock shaped planter - the planter is about 8" x 10" but the opening is just a little larger than the 4" nursery pot (the nursery pot fits down in it). Would this be suitable for one of them?

Some of the varities that I have are Super Duckfoot, Peter's Wonder, Black Dragon, Yellow Surprise, Yellow Dragon, Defiance, Alabama and New Orleans Red.

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ljes1686(8 Louisiana)

I just wanted to add that I found out that the one I called Super Duckfoot is actually Kiwi Fern.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

since they root rather easily ... i would submit that you can put as many as you want into any pot.. and if they get overcrowded and ugly later in the season .. just root some new ones ....

do the same thing in the fall... to carry them over in the house if you have a sunny window for them .... all sanitary considerations must be followed when bringing them indoors in the fall ... a healthy bug free plant [systemic applications] and oven-sterilized soil ... we dont need a bug attack in winter, in the house ...

good luck ....

btw ... take 2 cuttings off each of your plant today .... just 2 inches.. root in water.. or in potting soil in a baggie ... and within 2 weeks you will 2 more plants for the yard, or for friends... do this every two weeks until you have no lawn left.. lol ...


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Me, I tend to put only one in a terra cotta pot with a six inch or 8 inch or 10 inch diameter.

If you have a half-barrel or the like (24 inch diameter), by all means, stick in 3 or 4.

Coleus can get fairly large fairly quickly. Crowding them is counterproductive in my opinion. And half the fun for me is arranging the many separate pots in an attractive fashion....which is harder than you would think initially.

Coleus is one of my top 5 favorite annuals.

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I have grown 'Alabama Sunset' and think it is a beautiful plant. The colors are wonderfully rich and the plant itself is sturdy and foolproof. I am hopeless about the measurement angle, except to say that I grew it both as a standard and in a pot. It could be beautiful in your round 13" planter with a trailing coleus or some other combination.

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ljes1686(8 Louisiana)

deep roots,
Since I'm new to container gardening - how can I learn more about arranging pots in an attractive fashion? I want to use them to make my porch look nice. Do you have any pictures of your arrangements?

Which coleus are trailing? I don't think I have found any trailing ones yet.

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ljes1686...I see that 'Alabama' and 'Alabama Sunset' are two different plants but 'Alabama' could still go in the round planter.

Look at any of the coleus starting with the word trailing at Rosy Dawn Gardens; Trailing Dark Heart, Trailing Garnet Robe, Trailing Green & Gold Queen etc. (See link below.) Another place to look is Advant Gardens. Look for Black Trailer, Odalisque, Rose Trailer etc. (Google for website.)

Try searching the Container and Balcony Gardening forums and post a question there about possible combinations. ken_adrian has a great idea in taking cuttings. Coleus root very easily and if you find that you have more than enough plants, just about any gardener will happily take the rest off your hands.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosy Dawn Gardens

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Explore this link for more pictures and information about coleus than you can imagine!

Here is a link that might be useful: Coleus Finder

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hee hee, I'm afraid arranging pots involves moving them around a bunch until you get a pleasant look going. It's not exactly easy. But you will know when you've got it right. One thing I will say, you don't want to be able to see any pots, just color and foliage.

I've got a good picture. I'll try to email it directly to you since I don't have time or the inclination to figure out how to put pix directly on my post. And lucky you, my picture has maybe 10 different coleus in there, although not all are viewable.

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Hi 1jes. You've probably had your coleus planted out for a long time now (I've just gotten mine potted out this past week!).

I like to pair a colorful coleus with a more solid coloured plant (be it coleus or foliage) in contrasting colours. Your 24" pot could take quite a few, depending on your lighting conditions, or you could use begonias or impatiens in there, with contrasting blooms and create a stunning effect.

Last spring I gave my sister a cutting of Florida-Sun-Rose , and she combined it with a rose/salmon coloured trailing begonia, and gave it morning sun only, and I loved the combination so much I am copying it this year (last year I planted that type with a pink/violet impatiens that I thought would compliment the deep pinks and purples in the coleus, turns out that the salmon gives it more 'punch'). So trial and error IS the key.

I also would repeat what is in the large pot, by placing the same coleus in the smaller pot and have it growing slightly offside or in front.

Yellow based coleus stand out well against the darker maroon varieties, both ways.

Have fun!


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I have a small container like the ones you get Amaryllis bulbs in at Christmas, in fact that is what it is, I have 8 Coleus plants in there and they are growing their second or third true leaves, should I thin them out and just leave the tallest ones there? As you can see, at least one has some color to it.

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