First petunia blooms of the season

kdog2568April 5, 2014

This is one of my "yellow horizon" petunias that just opened up a couple of days ago. Certainly not as yellow as the company depicted(I had to get the lighting just right to even get this much yellow to show in the picture) but I had heard this from a few other customers and still thought they would be worth adding to the garden :)

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Hurray - blooms! I have a few under lights that are forming buds. I grew yellow horizon last year and quite liked it. This year I decided to try Baby ducks for my yellows, and I couldn't get any to germinate! Every year it seems there is one or two types I get that germinate poorly, while all of the rest come on strong. I don't know if its the seed, or if some petunias are much pickier about germination temps than others.

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Were your yellow horizons as light as mine appear to be or did you get some darker yellows?

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I think they were pretty much what you have in your photo, I remember being surprised at how pale they were, which is why I tried the yellow duck. I think that next season I'll switch to calabrachia for my yellow.

Here is a link that might be useful: deep yellow calabrachia

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