Is Wave Petunia scented??

olympia_gardener(5)May 22, 2012

I bought some 1Q size wave petunia from Lowe that deos not have any scents. However, I saw/smelled exactlly same pink container wave petunia in other big box store that has very nice sweet scent. I am confused, Does anyone in this forum know that Wave Petunis is suppose to have scent or not??

It also said wave petunis will grow 2-3' long, is it good as hanging container plants?

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Wave petunias weren't developed to have a specific scent, just the standard petunia scent (that I actually don't like). You may have noticed a stronger fragrance in the other store if it was a different time of day, or they had just been watered, or were in full sun. Wave petunias are spreaders, and will cascade in a basket. Easy Waves start out mounded, then start to cascade, and I think make a nicer basket

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Hi, goblugal. Thanks for confirming its spreading habit. I just want make sure the inforamtion from the big box store is correct... many times they aren't in my experiences.

My Wave petunia is in the sun, and was watered and in different time of the day , no scent at all. Not even a hint of common petunia scent which i have in my garden. The other wave petunia does smell just like the common petunia... sweet scented but not strong scent. And my Wave petunia flowers seems a bit smaller too.

Both labeled "Wave" petunia in differnt stores aren't the same Wave petunia.

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