Colour scheme - what goes with red geraniums?

two_munkeys(z6 ON)May 14, 2007

I'd like to do a red-and-? colour scheme this year. I'll be using red geraniums. What are good companions for these? Ideally, I'd like something lower growing (no larger than geraniums) but I'm open to anything.

As for the colour, I don't want white. I love salmon, but how will that look with red? I also thought of yellows, and I saw nice orange Coleus that I could use in a partly shady area.

The area is full sun, well-drained, sandy soil. We have a sprinkler system, so dryness will not be a problem. There is one area under a crabapple that is part shade.

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Hi, if you do decide to go with yellow to compliment your red geraniums, one of my favs with the two colors is deep purple. I like lobelia, it's low growing and the dark color is very nice with red geraniums. Another good choice is pinks, like dark and light petunias and perhaps throw in some white ones or white alyssum, I know you said you didn't want white, but the three look really good together and it wouldn't be red and white, it would red,pink and white. The colius souinds nice too. But they like shade (most do anyway)

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dees(5 IN)

I second the dark purple.Red and purple are my colors, this year, in all the pots.I have bright red geraniums, planted with dark purple wave petunias, and white giant snow flake.Also, have red geraniums planted with lobelia.I love lobelia.So bright!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

A 'little' bit of white will make the other colors pop!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

I love the combo of a bright red geraneum with heliotrope...the very dark green leaves and the purple flowers are simply lovely with the red geraneum.
I also love a cherry red geraneum with a pale pink geraneum....and red with white petunias, or a pot of red with white bacopa.
I'm not a fan of red geraneums with yellow.
Linda C

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

Hi - couldn't resist - I do containers professionally and a knockout is anything lime green or chartreuse with red anything. I've used red geranium (brights and the darker reds, too) with Sweet Potato vine, which is chartreuse, Creeping Jenny, which can be a little more on the yellow side if there's more sun, a little more lime green in half-day shade. Then there's Licorice plant - there are literally hundreds of limey chartreusy choices and any habit - trailing, upright, etc. I used the common names rather than latin because I think it's easier to ask for them at the nursery by common name. Ask your nursery proprietor to show you everything lime or chartreuse. It is also knockout to use the above suggestion of purple and red with the lime or chartreuse color scheme - it will make everything pop ever more richly than white. Last year in my windowboxes I used red geranium (some ivy-type), purple Heliotrope (it's habit is upright), Sweet Potato Vine, and purple petunias.

If you prefer the pink/red mix it can be gorgeous - try a true bright pink with a true red on the NOT orange side - a little more to the 'blue' as suggested above. And if it's a window-box or something that can have 'trailing' plants, mix in a few ivy geranium of the same color. Salmon is a good pink if you pick a more true red or orange red geranium rather than a blue red.

Hope this all makes sense! So many choices.


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I just did two pots with true (blue) red geraniums, purple million bells, lilac petunias a trailing white petunia, and chartreuse trailers

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two_munkeys(z6 ON)

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I decided to go with deep purple petunias and creeping jenny (I tried the potato vine one year but the spot I have gets a fair bit of wind and the big leaves got wind-whipped and ragged looking).

Still need something though...........I was thinking salmon impatiens or yellow bidens, but I haven't had much success with the bidens blooming all season. Not even sure if I'd like yellow in the mix. Maybe I'll try the salmon impatiens, or white......thoughts?

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greenguy1(z7 Maryland)

Just realize that the creeping jenny is a perennial and can be invasive if left unchecked. I love the stuff and grow it in my garden, but you can't turn you back on it...

- Steve

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Where do you find the yellow creeping jenny? I have some in a hanging basket but have not found it by itself. Does it root well from cuttings?

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two_munkeys(z6 ON)

Creeping jenny (I think the yellow one is 'aurea'?) is a staple here and is easily found in any garden centre. Everyone puts it in different sections though - I've seen it in perennials section, "steppables," basket stuffers, etc.

Even our Home Depot has it - a "gardener's dozen" of 12 for $10. (Though I would spear anyone who stepped on my creeping jenny).

I have plenty of it growing in my garden and just dig up chunks for my planters.

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two_munkeys(z6 ON)

Forgot to say that YES is does root well, or just snip and plant right into the soil and keep well watered

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