Do rabbits eat morning Glories or Moonflowers?

linnea56(z5 IL)May 27, 2008

Do rabbits eat Heavenly Blue morning Glories or Moonflowers? My seedlings have a couple of true leaves and are ready to plant out.

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My friend had a difficult time with bunnies eating hers and they left mine alone entirely so I don't have a good answer. I plant near cypress vine and I hear it is poisonous if ingested so maybe that is why they stay away. Wish I could be more help.

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well ... SOMETHING chomped all by heavenly blue a.m. glories (except one) last season ... & i BLAMED it on the rabbits; but then i tend to BLAME the rabbits for everything that gets destroyed!

this year i am putting chickenwire around them ... good luck, phyl

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They might eat morning glories. Do you mean moonflowers, the vine related to morning glory or datura? Datura they do not eat.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

The moonflowers are the related to Morning Glory-type.

I wish I could find some list somewhere of what they eat or leave alone, other than trial and error. Since I grew these from seed I will be doubly annoyed if they get eaten. I don't like making little cages to put around certain things but if that's what it takes...!

If someone made attractive little cages with fine enough mesh I'd buy dozens.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

Morning glory seeds are supposed to be dangerously narcotic I thought. Or is that just for humans?

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I'm not sure about bunnies, but grasshoppers(big green ones)decimated my MG's the only year I planted them.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Oh no...I thought Morning Glories were a trouble free, tough as nails plant! Put in Heavenly Blue at my father's request and they've just gotten their first 2 sets of true leaves. Guess I better put something around them. Running out of rabbit solutions. Lists of "rabbit resistant" plants are getting to be a not so funny joke. I spent hours looking for deer/rabbit resistant plants and have been chasing both away from gardens and anywhere else I see them.

I used to shoo away a neighborhood cat that was manacing my ground feeding birds.

Yesterday I saw him/her moseying up the alongside the driveway and just pointed him/her toward the giant rabbit hole I found out in the back woods while cutting down invasive vines. Have at it, Kitty. Just leave my birds alone...LOL.

Don't like to sound mean or as if I don't know all these critters have a right to be here but I just want to see all the plants have a chance to bloom. Don't have to be perfect or prolific if some leaves are munched...just enough to make me smile and delight in all that color.

Come on, bunnies...learn the art of compromise!

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Rabbits DID eat my datura inoxia (moonflower) today. I obtained seven of these plants in the wild by transplanting them from a dry riverbed into pots.

A few days ago, I noticed that one plant was missing. Today, two more plants had been chomped on and a third was missing entirely. The rabbit(s) ate the stems but not the leaves. I found the leaves intact and scattered about.

The other day I didn't know what happened. Today, however, there were bunny poops around the pots and little scratch/dig marks in the soil - not to mention a few "bite" marks on the leaves that weren't consumed.

...I've moved the pots onto a table. Once I got these plants rooted, I was going to plant them in my yard... but WTF? Tripping rabbits???

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ladydawn142 I moved my datura pots onto a table, and the bunnies are now eating my CATNIP. In the same fashion - consuming the stems and scattering the leaves. Today I saw the little rascal in the act.

Catnip?? This makes a LITTLE more sense, but still...

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Quick and dirty Googling gives the genus of morning glories and moonflowers as Ipomoea.

The tough one is often called wild morning glories or bindweed and the quick check on genus comes up with Convolvulus.

The hallucinogenic is found in several plants including Ipomoea. In the case of Ipomoea it is apparently "prepared from" the seed so I doubt that puritan rabbits would be spooked by it.

Again, all these notes are from fast an dirty googling and no effort has been made to confirm any of this posting.

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