Vinca turning yellow.....

starlightfarm(NC)May 17, 2009

I have planted some Vinca (annuals) and the leaves are turning yellow. They are planted in a bed, 1/2 of the plants get full morning sun and the other 1/2 gets partial morning sun (some shade). They are all turning yellow (varying stages, but the majority have at least a few yellow leaves).

It seems to be growing, but I am concerned that I will lose all of it! We have had a very unusual amount of rain this Spring... could it be that they are receiving too much water?

What is causing these very durable plants to turn yellow??

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

It definitely could be too much rain. It could also be lack of sunlight, as these are full sun plants. If the weather is not consistently warm yet with night time lows at least in the mid fifties, that could be it. And then, it could be something totally off the wall like your neighbor's cat urinating on them daily. (I lost a whole bed of them once due to that one.) There is also a soil fungus that gets them occasionally. There's nothing I know of that you can do except wait and see. If you lose them, replace them with something else.

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I plant these every year,and they do turn yellow after a month or tow. Give them some miracle grow and they will green up.

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We got another soaking weekend... so the ground is staying very wet. Hopefully they will green back up again. I'll get the Miracle Grow out tomorrow and go to work!

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Vinca are quite prone to rotting. Too much moisture and/or cool soil will do them in, and not planting in full sun will exacerbate the problem (vinca truly do best in full sun).

There's nothing you can do about the rain or the soil temp. If you don't have a lot of them to plant, I would dig them up and put them temporarily in a pot until the soil dries about a bit and warms up sufficiently then replant (better yet, locate them in a sunnier bed).

Not sure what you're zone is, but up here in the cooler zones that is the danger of jumping the planting gun - annuals often rot in damp, cool soil, and a few warm days in a row, which seems to lull people into thinking it's planting time, does not mean warm soil! Not a big deal in pots, which warm faster, but a gamble in the beds.

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Your plants are not getting enough nitrogen. Too moist soil slows absorbtion as the plant tries to protect itself and thus food is not (enough) absorbed. Iron is also lost in the process and also magnesium. Just get them drier and feed them well every second day 4 times then twice a week. You will notice the difference.

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some of my vincas are turning yellow not all of them. in the same bed same condition, i fed them last week and today with Miracle Grow , and we are getting some rain and i do water every night but the soil is well drained , i think it is a feeding issue. i will report back on the condition

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where is transplant shock in all these suggestions???

how long has it been sine they were planted??

and NEVER fertilize a stressed plant ...


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I had vincas planted by a landscaper over a week ago. he put weed material down that was breathable and cut holes for the plants, putting potting soil down with peralite. Now the leaves are turning yellow and have lost several. In south florida we've had alot of rain and humidity. Appreciate any feed back on this problem. They are in full sun. Grew these many times up north and had NO problems.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Starlightfarm: I, too, strongly suspect excess rain is the problem with your Catharanthus. No one should expect any transplant shock with these, but their roots are pretty fussy when it comes to moisture levels. The fact that they are not planted in the full sun could also be a problem. Perennial vinca (the real vinca) loves some shade, but not the Catharanthus roseus.

Joyce, I really feel that the problem is the moisture. Add that to the fact that the weed fabric alters the soil's ability to evaporate and you've got some problems with your Vinca (Catharanthus roseus). This is a plant that thrives in non-irrigated parking lot islands, for cryin' out loud, lol!

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Rhizo has this correct. I grow bedding plants for a living and you should see the poor vinca up on my benches. I wouldn't release it for sales because we have had nothing but a month of continuous rains and now a spell of cold. I told the groundskeeper who tried to buy it to come back and see me when it got hot and the rain stopped. Even the stuff on the bench looks poorly but that's temporary. I can control the moisture on it, but the coolness and the lack of sunlight when it is at this stage is past my control. Mine will survive, and kick back in because I am running it as dry as I dare and watching for fungal diseases. If it's sitting in water or wet (especially cold wet) soil adding fertiliser will not do a thing to help it. It won't pull it up.

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I completely agree with above post, I plant vincas every season and they tend to flourish in drier conditions..

One more thing I want to add: I had planted Titan series for the first time and it proved to me the best... very vigorous plants and are on buds. I used to plant Pacifica XP series and still I have Pacifica XP Orange & Apricot but Titans have won the race of growth...

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