question on tassel flower

ellenr22May 19, 2009

Tassel flower - I bought the small plants and planted them 2 weeks ago. They are sup'd to grow about 18 inches long, on a slim stem, with a big red flower on the end.

After a few days the rabbits got them, bit their leaves. So I re-planted them behind a fence. I am always moving things and I know how to do it successfully, but maybe this plant is very unhappy at being moved.

So for over 10 days I been watching these guys, and there is NO sign of growth. They don't look dead, just nothing is happening. I know perhaps the roots are growing, but it seems a long time not to see the tiniest sign of life on top.

I don't know what the problem is, the rabbits or whatever it was, nibbled the leaves, they didn't pull them up or disturb the roots. So they should recover shouldn't they?

I am getting ready to toss them. GRrr.

Any idea?

thank you,


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

How do the soils in their two locations compare? That might be a clue. As a rule, annuals resent being moved, though of course, we all do it. Still, they can sometimes be slow to resume growth after being moved. I definitely wouldn't give up on them. If they have been in the ground a week or more, you might give them a drink of half-strength liquid fertilizer to jump start them.

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Same soil, I only moved them to re-group them so I could fence them in. I have given them some low-strength fertilizer.

Actually yesterday, I finally saw - I think - some new growth! Unless I'm imagining it. lol.
so i'll keep the faith and keep them.

Coulda been that the frost about a week ago slowed them down too. We had a dip to 32 degrees and some of my flowers got zapped, altho these tassel flowers did not show any visible sign.


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