Zinnia Profusion - how big do they get?

mike_spok(z5 WA)May 9, 2005

Hi all -

I have a couple of rather stupid questions on the Zinnia Profusion series (Cherry):

I purchased about 10 pony packs of these (4 cells per pack). Cell size is about 1 1/2" X 2" and contains one plant - about 4-5" tall.

I am looking to have 5-6 "mounds" of Profusion this summer (each mound about 16"-20" wide and however tall).

* Does each plant in the cell grow into these "mounds", or do I need to plant several of them together? About how many should be planted to get this "mound"?

* Should I pinch the plants to make them bushier?

I've seen photos of these wonderful, bushy plants and am looking at the little cells and wondering how to accomplish this! :)

Thanks in advance for any help!


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peat_moss(z6 Mo)


The profusions are pretty much carefree. I've never pinched mine and they just bloom and bloom. I wouldn't plant them too close together, though. Each one will bush into their own little mound. Just plant them and let them be - isn't it wonderful?


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I love the profusion zinnias also. I've been getting the cherry and white ones for the past few years. Like Ann said, they get to be their own little mound. I've never pinched them either and they still make a beautiful mound. I think (if I remember right) they get about 10" high by 10" wide. I wouldn't plant them too close either. Granted they are mildew resident, but they still need good air circulation.
Good luck!


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anderson4paint(Z7 Long Island)

How many would you put in a 10' pot?

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mike_spok(z5 WA)

Ann, Kat -

Thanks so much for the info. The nusery guy made this little 4" X 8" high shape with his hand when I asked him how large they get, so I thought I'd ask the experts!

Seems like I have enough ponys to get the look I wanted. Looking forward to watching them grow.

Thanks again,


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I am not familiar with the zinna profusion. Help. I live in Louisiana,and fight mildew.

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I started growing the profusions the first year seed was introduced, and I'll never go back to dealing with other zinnias again.

They have a simple, but bright and happy, flower and are essentially carefree. I like the flames and oranges best because they don't fade out so bad as the cherry, who goes to pale pink as it ages.

I don't deadhead, either, but the large disk rays are a little messy looking as they dry, if one looks closely enough.

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I have every Profusion that I am aware of: the Apricot, Fire, Cherry, White and Orange. I cannot stop bragging on these plants! I preach and preach about doing initial pinching on almost all annuals, but these seem to be an exception.

I have at least 20 plants of each variety just in my display beds alone. I did not pinch them, and within 3 weeks of planting, every single plant bushed out about 9 inches, they all started blooming at exactly the same time (by color anyway), and now have at least 9 blooms per plant. I spaced mine about 12 inches apart, each plant is about 7 or 8 inches tall, and are absolute perfection. You must find the apricot ones! Oh and the Fire is a great color too!! Even the orange one has a perfect brilliant color. I did a mix bed of orange ones with a hot pink tidal wave petunia, and purple verbena. You should see this vibrant color combination!!

The pink ones are not my favorite(they fade and get "pointy" looking), and the white ones, the centers turn kinda dark and deadlooking. However, this plant rebounds so quickly, just cut away the cruddy looking flowers.

The Park Seed catalog says that they spread 12 to 15 inches high and wide, but does not specify spacing requirements. I did some 8 inch containers and put 5 per pot, however, I think this would be a lot more in a pot than what you would find at the nursery. I always put "too many" plants when I do container gardening.

I also did the Crystal Zinnias this year too, which have just started blooming, and they seem (so far) like miniature Profusions. We'll see!

Profusion Zinnias are my most prized plants so far this year. Have fun with yours!!

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Ellen you are right. The crystals, if I remember correctly, are angustifolia zinnia and those were the precursor for the profusion breeding.

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I'm not familiar with the Profusions,but I discovered a yellow one the other day in a small single.
It was a love connection! I bought all they had,only 5.,drats! Just the cutest little yellow daisy that will be perfect in mixed pots Iris

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Iris, other plants that make a perfect cute little yellow daisy are Melampodium, which is actually a Zinnia. The plants are just smothered with yellow blooms. Great, fantastic, perfect plants. I dont know why they do not get th recognition they deserve. I have all three varieties that I know of: 'Showstar', 'Million Gold' and 'Lemon Delight'.

Another good tiny yellow flower is the Dahlberg Daisy. It's not at all a Zinnia, but is in the thyme family, I believe.

I will post a photo soon of my Profusions. Especially the Apricot ones, with a background planting of Hotline Burgundy Salvias. Best combo I come up with this year!

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There's been some Profusion confusion! What I bought is Crystal yellow.For years & yeras I grew giant flowered red ones & then pink. I'm going to love branching out.I'm trying Swizzle
zinnias too. Iris

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I have both Swizzles Cherry and Scarlet. OMG, they are magnificent!! I was very late getting my plants out this year, my Swizzles were planted about 3 weeks ago, then pinched just as they were starting to bloom. Now, every single plant opened blooms on the same day, with about 5 or 6 more buds on every single plant!! Swizzle seeds are expensive, and I bought a lot of each. I did two separate mass plantings of Swizzle Scarlet with Celosia 'Fresh Look Red' and more with Salvia 'Flare" in the background. I looked forward to seeing my Swizzle Cherry with Salvia 'Victoria' combo all year. I like the Cherry ones better, but both are......beyond words beautiful, and so perfect!!

I also have the Magellans Coral and Ivory, both just opened up a few days ago.

I have seen other people plant Zinnias, without pinching the tops, and they end up with tall, lanky,ugly plants. I strongly suggest you pinch your plants NOW (the Swizzles anyway), if they havent been already. You will not regret it, your plants will have approximately 6 buds on them in 2 to 3 weeks, and will be very bushy. When I look into my beds of Zinnias, every plant looks exacly like the one next to it. I cannot stop bragging!!

Thanks for posting this, glad to have the opportunity to brag!

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I didnt finish my sentence. I meant to ask you how much you paid for your Swizzles, and what size pot they were in. I am curious what they sell for, since the seed is pretty expensive. Nobody sells them around here, except for me!

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I bought my Swizzles in a 4 pack,for $2.29. They had a bloom on.Ha ha,still on there,3 weeks later!. I will pinch it off.Iris

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I love zinnias but do not know the zinnia profusion nor the swizzle, Info, please.

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Virginia, do you get the Park Seed catalogs? If not, you should! Look these up on their website, or just do a search. Park has great photos. These are very easy plants to grow from seed.

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Zinnia Profusions are so awesome. I've grown orange and cherry and I liked the orange better. It made this gorgeous perfect 2-foot round mound of a plant that was just flawless and always blooming.

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Bump- this is (was) a great thread! Thanks!

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