Can I root Supertunia cuttings?

ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)June 2, 2005

While transplanting some full-size trailing Supertunias today, I managed to knock off quite a few stems with blooms on them. (These things were HUGE and the various long stems were all intertwined and full of blooms.)

Is it possible for me to get these to root? I hate to just throw them away if there's a chance of getting even more of these prolific plants out of the cuttings!

What's the best method? Water in a glass? Oasis / wet florist foam cubes? Potting Mix / Perlite combination? How much of the stem should I put under the medium? Should I take off the blooms and most leaves? How long until they root?

Anyone have any suggestions??? I've just got them sitting in plain water for now -- I was hoping y'all could help me out. If anyone knows the answer to this, it will be someone on GardenWeb!


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Pudge 2b

Yes, they root easy. Use a seed & cutting mix, or a light potting soil/perlite as you mentioned and pre-moisten it. Use about a 2-3" piece of stem - I prefer the growing tip but it's not necessary. Pinch off all the flowers and buds and lower leaves. Stick the stem in so the bottom set of leaves are touching the soil. Rooting powder is not necessary. Cover with a dome or plastic to retain humidity and place them in a warm and bright area but not in direct sunlight. They'll root within 2 weeks.

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)


More questions from the newbie, if you don't mind!

Do I leave just the top set of leaves, and pinch off all the rest, or leave two sets of leaves and stick it in so that the bottom leaves are at the soil but the upper leaves are in the air?

Should I end up with about 1" of stem in the soil?

How warm and bright should warm and bright be? Indoors or out? Our temps this week are around 80F/26C during the day and 50-60F/10-15C overnight. Should I put it out during the day but bring it in at night, or can it stay out all the time?

Do I need to mist the plant part or just the soil every day?

This is just such a gorgeous plant, and I'd love to be successful at getting them all to root so I can have even more of them!

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Pudge 2b

Leave 2 or 3 sets of leaves with the upper leaves in the air.

A consistent day and night temp in the mid-70's would be best to get them to root, so if it's 50-60 at night, I would probably bring them in. You don't need to mist daily - the dome will help to keep in the moisture and you don't want them too wet or soggy. After they've rooted you can take off the dome and put them outside, introducing to full sun as you would normally harden off any plant.

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

Thank you so much! I'll pick up some seed/cutting starter tonight on my way home and get right to work on them!

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Also, your cuttings you take, you should cut JUST BELOW a leaf. Then, remove this set of leaves and stick in your mix, or water, whatever you use. I learned in class last year that there are greater levels of hormones in these leaf nodes and you have a better chance of getting roots. I found this to be fabulous information, as I had always did cuttings in the middle of leaf nodes along the stem. Since learning this, I have much better luck with cuttings.

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ImaHockeyMom(SW Mich--Zone 5)

Great, thanks Ellen!

I don't know what I'd do without GardenWeb! (Yeah, I do know -- I'd kill off all my plants! LOL)

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I know this is and old thread, but I just wanted to say I found it very helpful.


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But, they're likely patent protected.

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