Zinnias - rabbits?

vermont07(z4 VT)June 3, 2008

Please tell me that rabbits won't eat my zinnias. I decided to plant Profusion Zinnias this year since they are so highly recommended and almost carefree. I never gave a thought to rabbits but noticed a couple of leaves are half gone. Has anyone had this problem?

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Things seem to be different in every yard. Here the rabbits did most of their damage over the winter - chewing shrubs down to nubs, but nothing now. I would suspect zinnias would be the most vulnerable as tender seedlings - once the stalks and leaves get thick and rough they can pretty much protect themselves from nibblers. Can you temporarily protect them with chicken wire until they reach some size?

I just put my zinnia seeds in the other day and will take some measures once I see sprouts - although nothing disturbed them last year without any protection whatsoever. I've read on these threads that some folks have more problems with American Goldfinches going after zinnias once they start blooming. I've never expeienced that either, though.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Yes, mine were snarfed down in no time. Mowed down to nubbins. I saw the rabbits. The only ones that managed to survive were planted behind other plants that rabbits donÂt like. I started a thread on what rabbits do and donÂt eat, but so far only a few on the list either way.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I don't have rabbits, (yet) but the snails have made quick work of a whole patch of Profusions. The good news is they are bouncing right back now that I put out bait. Watch them so you KNOW the culprit. You'll have a better chance of putting a stop to it.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Rabbits eat anything their nose bumps....rose canes thorns and all etc.
Sprinkle blood meal...often and after every rain to keep them away. I tell them there are lots of violets to chew on, leave the good stuff alone!
Linda C

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Glad I ran across this and another zinnia/rabbit thread.

Will put temporary rabbit fence guards up around sprouting zinnias.

I've waited so long to have them and I'll be darned if those wascally wabbits are going to get them before I see those gorgeous blooms...LOL.

They sampled the young leaves of new perennial lupine and yarrow so they still have cages around them.

Stores around here have been and still are selling out of rabbit fencing as fast as they can stock it.

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