Growth time of geranium cuttings?

frank325June 21, 2008

This is my first year getting geraniums (zonal) and I put 2 of them together in a container outside. I'm thinking maybe I should have put them in separate containers, because right now they fill it up a lot. Is that an issue since it's only mid-June? Would it have been better to put them in their own containers instead of trying to get a full-looking container right from the get go?

That's one question, but the main question I had was taking cuttings. I've never done this for any plant. How long, in general, might it take for a cutting to go from just cut and planted to looking like the plant you'd buy in the spring from a nursery? I wanted to try it for these guys, but had no idea when I should do it. Could I take cuttings in the fall and overwinter them indoors and end up with a big plant in the spring? Would a south facing window be best for them all winter, or a plant light in the basement?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

When I was using geraneums for landscaping, andw anted one particular color, I would bring my big plant in the house before frost, and keep it watered in a south window and take cuttings the first week of January. Root them in sandand pot themup and by midMay they were looking wonderful.
But it happendmore quickly in the summer. If you take cuttings now, they probably will look like a "store bought plant" in about 2 1/2months.
Linda C

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Wow! That's a lot faster than I was thinking. They really get that big in 2 1/2 months? I figured it would take longer since they don't root for a few weeks.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

How big a cutting will you take? And how big do you want them to be?
You take a tiny sprig and it will root in about 2 to 3 weeks and grow ....take a bigger piece and it will be bigger once it gets roots.
Linda C

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Karchita(WA Z8)

My geraniums always seem to grow slowly. I fertilize my potted plants, but not a lot. What's the secret to getting them to grow more quickly?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)


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Karchita(WA Z8)

Hmmm. Ok. I'll work on that. Sunshine has been in short supply around here lately. Thanks.

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The neat thing about starting plants by cuttings, is that they are, no matter how tiny, still an adult plant. Their plant hormones dictate flowering and even tiny cuttings can flower, as opposed to a seed started plant. So, if you need something like a blooming geranium, pronto, a cutting can give you a performing plant faster.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Geraniums don't mind tight root zones, so potting two in a pot shouldn't be much of a problem if the plants are still not really big specimens.

I haven't taken cuttings, but I do successfully do overwinter geraniums. In the fall before a hard frost hits (a little frost is okay, a heavy frost and they're toast), I dig them up, shake off what dirt I can, and throw them in paper bags (mine are large plants so I use the big paper lawn bags). Then I close the top of the bag and put against the coldest wall in the crawl space. Approximately beginning of March, I take them out, trim them back severely (usually see some green growth starting by now), pot them up and place under grow lights. They get going pretty quickly. When the outside temps warm up during the day (around 50s), I take them out during the day, back in at night - the sunshine really gets them going and they get full and lush, indoors they just don't get that nice looking. Then of course I harden off thoroughly when it's close to planting-out time.

I've got some B-I-G plants now, they just get bigger and better every year!!

So, I would just let them go dormant and store them (mostly because I'm terrible with keeping things alive in the house, plus I don't want to be bothered tending plants over the winter).

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