Gerbera Daisy won't bloom

nattycatJune 12, 2008

I have several Gerbera Daisies that have stopped blooming in the last few weeks. I am careful to not let the leaves get wet and keep the foliage tidy. Some are on my front porch and get lots of sun. Others are on my more shaded patio. All are in pots with good potting soil and sufficient drainage. The foliage is green and lush, but no more blooms. What am I doing wrong? I would think that at least one of these locations would foster blooms. Does anyone have ideas? I have been fertilizing with Miracle Grow about every 2 weeks. Should I fertilize more? This seems to happen every year. They look great in the beginning, but then the blooming slows down and my ADD kicks in and they get neglected. Am I just short on patience here or maybe something else? Does it take a long time for more blooms to form? When I look into the plants I do not see any signs of little baby blooms forming. I bought these at Lowes and they are the most unique looking white and pinked fringed. Something I have never seen before. Don't know if that makes a difference, but don't think so since ones in the past have been traditional colors. Anyway, these are very striking if they would only bloom!!!! :(

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This is only my second season with Gerberas, but I discovered if I deadheaded the faded bloom stalks fairly soon after they no longer looked fresh, new buds would start forming quite quickly. Don't know if that was peculiar to my container conditions or exactly what, but not leaving spent blooms seemed to produce a constant supply of new buds and flowers all season. As for fertilizing - I just use Miracle-Go kind of when I think of it rather than being on a regular schedule.

Last year I had red, this year the yellow looked to be the healthiest plants - think I'd like the white with pink, though.

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davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)

These will stop setting buds if the nighttime temperatures get too high, they are only spring and early summer blooming here where I live for this reason.

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