Petunias Turning Yellow & Wilting

christy51274June 17, 2014

I bought two Supertunias and planted them in separate planters. The bottom leaves are turning yellow on both of them and one is wilting badly. We had an excess of rain all last week. I'm thinking maybe too much water? They're definitely not dried out..if anything, maybe a bit on the soggy side. Have watered them since the rain twice this week since our temps are in the mid 90's.

If this is, indeed, the problem, if they dry out, will they be OK?

Thanks from a newbie gardener.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

are there drainage holes in the planters???

can the planters be moved while the plants get established???

transplants need some protection before going out into blinding sun.. this time of year...

insert finger.. and water.. when they need water ... not on some schedule ...

one of the problems with rather small planters.. is watering ... and you have to figure it out by yourself ... we can make suggestions.. but we dont have the planter itself ...


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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

Petunias have never been able to take the heat for me. I hear the wave petunias and supertunias are more tolerant, but I haven't tried them.

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They don't like to be wet all of the time. My petunias from seed are doing terribly this year because of all of the rain. I usually have baskets overflowing with blooms by now, and instead I have small spindly yellowing plants. they are my biggest disappointment this year so far.

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