gathering seeds minature zinnas

finchelover(5b-6)June 29, 2008

This year I planted minature zinnias and fell in love with them so do I get seeds from them like one does from taller sizes. Thanks

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Yes, exactly the same.

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Dumb question, but still need answered. Where are the seeds located on the flower and when is the best time to gather the seeds?

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There are no dumb questions. Lots of websites on saving zinnia seeds.....

"To save zinnia seeds, wait until the color of the flower heads fade and deadhead them. When the flower head looks rather "dead" but hasn't completely withered and fallen off on its own, the seeds should be ready. As you remove the heads, they should pop off the plant in your hand rather easily.

The seeds will range in size depending on the variety of zinnias you are growing, but most will be brownish in color, have a slightly furry texture, and will be somewhat flat and either rectangular in shape or shaped like tiny arrowheads. To identify the seeds, follow the petals down to their base. The seeds will be located in cones just behind the base of the petals."

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