Nasturtium 'Caribbean Cocktail'

girlndocs(8 WA)June 14, 2006

I was very excited to plant this mix this year. It's suposed to be a "hand-picked" mix of cream and pink shades.

Now about 4 plants (of 24) have started budding -- and all 4 of them are the same shade of butterscotch yellow. The one bloom that has opened so far has faint maroon streaks in it. NOT my idea of what I would find in a pink pastel mix and not represented at all in the phtot from the seed company.

Does anyone here have experience with this mix? Is this a color you've ended up with, or did I get mislabeled seeds maybe?



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ornata(London UK (8/9?))

I tried them a couple of years ago, and found that the "cream" colour was in reality more of a primrose yellow.

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I tried them a few years ago. There was a pale yellow, or buff color, but also shades of pinks. The pinks are really more of a peachy, salmon color, but pretty. It was a pretty mix, but I found that some colors were more vigorous than others. The next year, instead of carribean cocktail, I planted apricot trifle, which I liked a lot better.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I bought an anemone duo of blue and white. The blue is very nice but no sign of white yet. I also planted a mix of mountain bells and have gotten pink and yellow. No white there yet, either. My Thai Silk Cal Poppies are just starting and I have only seen a dark red, no bi-colors or anything but then it has only just begun. We shall see. As far as Nasturtium go, I am in love with the name Caribbian Crush. May have to grow it next year...

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girlndocs(8 WA)

As of now, one of the yellow buds has opened into a flower streaked with a color that could be described as melon with pink tones. Buds on several other plants have opened to pale yellow with vermilion-orange flecks. And several more plants have developed buds that are once again visibly yellow!

I am pretty disappointed because I made sure to plant seeds of widely varying size and color out of the pack, so I don't see why I should have ended up with such a preponderance of yellow.


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You know, Kristin, I'm getting sick of it too. Two years ago, I bought Zinnia Scabious Mix from Parks Seed and the picture showed lovely pastel peach colored flowers, but I got bright orangey red flowers. At least they changed the wording and don't say it's a pastel mix. But they haven't changed the photo.

It's the same with blue flowers; if it's purple, tell me. I like purple but not when I ordered blue. I know computer screens can change the color, but when they print it on the seedpack, it should be what you are getting inside. And dammit, it takes weeks, maybe months, to find out you've been snookered. Grrr.

Anybody know a "reliable description" seed company? I don't mind a little hyperbole, but tell me the real color or give me my money back - for the seed, the grow mix, the time and the effort.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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girlndocs(8 WA)

So is this something I should complain about to the company I bought the seeds from? Or is there a supplier providing the same mix to many different companies, and I should just go straight to the source and complain to them? (I notice everyone who sells it has the same promotional photo and blurb.)

I suppose I will end up saving seed from the plants with the pinkest flowers (assuming I ever get any!) and tailoring my own pink-tones mix that way.


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maineman(z5a ME)


"Now about 4 plants (of 24) have started budding -- and all 4 of them are the same shade of butterscotch yellow."

Well, 4 out of 24 isn't a representative sample. Wait till they all bloom before complaining to the seed company.


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girlndocs(8 WA)

As of now I have 10 plants blooming out of 22 (I counted wrong the first time).

One of them is melon-pink streaked on yellow. 8 of them are various shades of yellow, streaked with various shades of hot red, maroon and orange. And one is red. Not pink, not magenta, not cerise. Red.

The melon-pink one is really a stunner and looks great next to the lavender. I would definitely shell out for a packet of that kind exclusively and I will be saving seed from it this year. But I'm disgusted with the rest. You can see what the color mix is represented at here:

Oh, and although all the strains in the mix are supposed to be mounding-type nasturtiums, at least 3 are obviously long, scrambling climber types.


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I wonder if nasturtiums are similar to other plants in that the stronger (earlier-germinating) plants are the more common colors. Several times I have read that one should be sure not to throw out weaker seedlings since they tend to be the better colors.

That said, your mixture sounds like it was mislabeled, or worse.

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Not to hijack this thread, but why are Nasturtium seeds so blasted expensive? I have checked several different outlets and the seeds are ranging from $1.50 - $3.00 for a pack, sometimes no more than 10 seeds. Fifteen cents for a Nasturtium seed?!?!? When I was a kid they were about as cheep as you could get. Anyone have a clue what's up here? These are not hybrids I'm looking at, just the plain old yellow and orange kind.

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I planted this mix in May and it's finally begun flowering. So far I have only gotten a bright apricot color; it's beautiful and vibrant, but not what I expected from the information on the packet. One was a brilliant tangerine with light streaks of red, again really lovely, but not what you'd call pastel. I'll withhold my final rec until more of the plants start flowering, but so far, I'd probably go with 'Aloha Mix' (Tried last year from Renee's Garden).

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