replacing old annuals on porch

southerngardening24July 13, 2014

My annuals are looking tired and blah. What are some good low maintenance replacement choices for this time of year in hot and humid South Carolina for around the porch?


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Sometimes giving them a good "haircut" rejuvenates them (I'm thinking about leggy petunias), but it will take several weeks for them to rebloom.

How about some geraniums?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm curious as to what kind of annuals you had.

Is your porch a sunny or shady location?

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Yes, leggy petunias is one of them that will probably receive a haircut but will need to live somewhere else until it recovers.

It's all day sun. 2 geraniums look rough, marigolds look good, and I just added seed grown torenia. There is still some room so something that will go with the marigold would be great.

Imagine 1 raggedy looking red geranium, 1 white one, orange pom pom marigolds, and 2 purple torenia. They don't really go together either in my opinion.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I never had luck growing geraniums throughout a hot, humid summer, nor petunias. The latter can be brought back for a strong showing until a heavy frost. Torenia is typically considered a shade loving plant and will often stop blooming in the summer heat.

I'd look for heat and sun lovers like lantana, portulaca, angelonia (fave of mine), the smaller zinnias, and many others. And I've had great success with the group of coleus that have been bred to thrive in the heat and sun...'Wasabi' is the one I'm growing this year in containers.

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Heliotrope might be an answer. It will bloom into fall and can tolerate the full sun and humidity in South Carolina. SunPatiens are also a good choice. They will bloom into the fall and should do okay with the heat and humidity. Setcresea is a good option for foliage. Its color will perk up tired looking arrangements...while the others are not in bloom. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some annual choices

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Torenia tolerated the heat well for me last summer even though I know they are shade plants or are there some that are more heat tolerant? If they stop blooming I will move them back in more shade.

I do have lantana planted in the ground and love it. Angelonia didn't do well for me last year even though they are one of my favorites as well.

The coleus I've grown from seed can't tolerate the sun either (rainbow mix) but wasabi sounds like a great choice.

Don't know how I'd never heard of heliotrope and sunpatiens. What beautiful plants!

Thanks so much for the suggestions! :-)

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New Guinea impatiens come in several bright flower colors and can continue to prepare to flower even after almost totally shriveling up from lack of watering. They are also sufficiently bushy to satisfactorily fill a medium sized pot with just one plant.

I highly recommend them for this time of year.

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