Sowed Zinnia's Still Not Blooming

LindaMA(MA z5)July 15, 2005

Do Zinnia's bloom late in the season? My Zinnias have been growing nicely for the past couple of months, however, they have not bloomed yet! I am growing a pretty pink pinwheel variety. Are they supposed to bloom late in the season? Anyone else growing this variety?

Many thanks!


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ABsweetpea(z3 AB)

I haven't grown that variety, but the zinnia's I grew last year didn't bloom until very late in the season - August I think. I only ended up with a few flowers before frost, so I didn't grow any this year. They were very beautiful though!

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Oh wow,your Zinnias should be loaded with blooms by now! It sounds like you are growing Profusion Pink, though I guess it could be something different. I was late sowing my zinnias due to a 10 day fight with strep throat, and didnt get them sown until mid April. I planted them out at the end of May, they had bloomed one bloom which was removed at planting time,and within three weeks they were smothered with blooms. They should not be delayed at all. How big is your plant? Did you sow it or buy it? Is the plant healthy?

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

I sowed my zinnias a couple of weeks (a little? late) after last (direct)frost. Maybe in MA it would take a few weeks longer (mine just bloomed) ? If you don't even see buds yet maybe they're in too much shade? too much nitrogen? :)

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LAA668984(z4/5 ny)

I think you have the zinnia rose pinwheel, and they should be blooming by now. They are a shorter variety, about 12". The taller kinds tend to bloom a little later, but even those should be at least forming buds. I sowed some peppermint stick zinnias (about 2' tall) outdoors in mid June, and they already have buds on them. Do you have them in full sun? Because, if they're in shady conditions they might not bloom.

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LindaMA(MA z5)

They are in pretty much full sun and I haven't been fertilizing them so there can't be too much nitrogen. They looked very healthy for the longest time but now the bottom leaves seem to be getting that burnt look and the leaves are also beginning to get a bit washed out looking, which I thought might be from too much sun. I just have about 5 in an 8 inch pot but I thought for sure they would bloom by now. Looking at them this morning, I think I see some buds, not positive though, it may just be more leaves about to pop open, hopefully it's buds. Everything else on my balcony is so lush and blooming right on time, I sure hope these bloom soon!

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I have noticed a significant delay in all my zinnias planted in containers,compared to the same plants that are in the ground. I am not sure why.

I think you should be fertilizing, just as regularly as everything else. As a matter of fact, all containerized plants should get fertilized more often than in ground plants. I stick with a strict schedule, twice per month(the 1st and 15th) and some things get it three times per month for all in ground plants, and pretty much weekly for all containers.

I dont think your zinnias could possibly get too much sun. Mine get sun from dawn to dusk, and just love it. Is it only your containerized zinnias doing poorly? Are you confident in your watering routine? Containers do dry out quickly.

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