Scaevola (fan flower) died

opossumtrax(6)July 10, 2014

I purchased a lovely hanging scaevola or fan flower with both lavender and white flowers a month ago. It did very well for a month. I watered it at least 1x a day and misted the leaves when it seemed droopy. All of a sudden it died. And I do mean suddenly. I took it down from the hook and set it out in my yard with the intention of composting it. Today I was going to remove it from the hanging planter but I did see that some of the stems were still green among the mostly brown stems. So I gave it a severe haircut, watered it and set it in the shade to see if it will recover. Can anyone advise me why this charming plant suddenly died? And is there any chance I can revive it?

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Scaevola is a very heat and drought tolerant plant that is native to Australia. I think maybe you have been too generous with the watering and root/stem rot has occurred. Let it dry out a bit and maybe it will recover. Only water when it's dry; stick your finger down into the pot to check the moisture. Good luck.

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Thank you, Debbie. My neighbor who works at a nursery told me to water it 2x a day so I stepped up my watering schedule. Maybe too much watering is what did it in. I still didn't discard it because I still see green stems but I don't know whether it will come back...

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I have Fan Flower growing in a pot and several in the ground. I made the soil in the pots and it is mostly pine bark fines. This allows for more oxygen to get to the roots, and it also requires more watering. I water my pots daily and especially with temps in mid 90's. I also have mixed in pine bark fines and composted cow manure in the ones planted in the ground, and they get watered every other day. They are due for a trim, as you can see.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fan flower

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Opossum, never trust a suggestion to water according to a schedule. Watering needs to be done according to how much moisture is in the potting mix, and that's detected by poking and prodding with your fingers.

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Pots made with Tapla's potting soil recipe are mostly pine bark fines, and when the temps are in the high 90's the pots need watering daily.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Regardless what the potting mix, what the plant, or what the weather, I would still trust my finger to tell me what's going on under the surface. It's very likely that a well draining medium would need watering daily, and my finger will confirm that.


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