Celosias Inexplicably Wilting

Mark234(3a)July 4, 2014

Hi, I have a question regarding my Celosias. In early spring I planted several types of Celosias, including a "Sparkler Carmine". The Sparkler Carmine have experienced a problem whereby the plants look healthy, then suddenly (within 1 day) begin to wilt. They do not recover from the wilt; they simply get worse and worse and eventually die. This has happened to 3 plants so far. The wilting looks identical as if they were simply starting to get dry. However, in each case the soil moisture level was normal. The 2nd time it happened I popped the plant out of the pot it was growing in and inspected the soil and roots. There was no evidence of root rot, fungus or mold, nor worms or insects. The moisture level was what I would describe as ideal - not too wet and not too dry. I have two other types of Celosias - Fresh Look and Bombay (c. plumosa, argentea cristata). All plants are in the same free-draining potting media, similar light and watering/feeding habits, and were all raised in my greenhouse from seeds. However, only the SC have this problem. The only research I can find that might explain this is a disease called "Verticillium wilt" but I am not sure. Photos of affected plant alongside other healthy plants follow. Any ideas what is causing this? It just happened to another of my SC's a couple days ago.

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Hi Mark, sorry to hear (read) about your Celosia problem. My guess would be Verticillium Wilt. The disease causes wilting by blocking the plantâÂÂs xylem vascular tissues and therefore reducing water and nutrient flow. If you slice the stem of the effected plant open, you might be able to see the distinctive discoloration or streaking in the vascular system.

There is no chemical control of the disease. Check out WikipediaâÂÂs page regarding Verticillium Wilt (see link below).

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Here is a link that might be useful: Verticillium Wilt

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Thanks for the response Art. On reading more closely that does seem to line up closely with what I have been seeing.

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