My poor poor Zinnias

itsmesarahJuly 18, 2008

I am a first time Zinnia grower and just dont know whats going on with them or what I have done to them..

I really hope they arent ruined!

They are blooming funny.

Im not sure if its just because they are some of the first blooms but this is what they look like..

Then there are the normal bloomers but they look like this..

Then there are my pinks..Why do they very in color??

Some are soo light pink they are almost white and some are a beautiful dark bright pink..

and if I want a little more of a "uniform" look instead of scraggaly heres a bloom theres a bloom sticking WAY out of the rest..Can/should I cut those off?

And what should I do for bigger better blooms? I have noticed alot of my new blooms are really small..or do they start out this way?

Can you say neeeeeeeeeeeeewbie??


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Here is an over all view of them

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

They look wonderful to me! Taht's just the way zinnias are...unless you bought a pacakge of hybred seeds they are all different sorts. Cactus flower, chrysanthemum flower, quilled petals, singles, doubles, bi colors etc...enjoy them!
Cut off all the flowers you pictured and wait for more to need to keep a bouquet of them in your house....the more you pick the more they bloom.
Linda c

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maineman(z5a ME)


Some of those "burned" petal tips, in the third, fourth, and fifth pictures, represent some sort of problem. Possibly a nutritional deficiency. I would recommend feeding them with a complete soluble formula, like Miracle-Gro or an equivalent. It should contain minor trace elements listed on the label.

It should be diluted according to the label, or a little weaker, to be on the "safe" side. When I am in doubt, I dissolve one teaspoon in a gallon of water.


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Where should I cut them at??

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Pictures three and four are the only zinnias I'd say have issues. Thrips can cause that sort of unthrifty bloom, but they may well be just getting past their prime and need trimmed off. They make just wonderful cut flowers for bouquets. They are quite long lasting in water. If you are just trimming off dead bloomes, go down to the nearest node and clip. You'll find side branches with bud potential, so try not to cut too many of those off, unless you need to shorten the plant.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I agree that pics 3 & 4 are the only ones that have a problem. And #4 may just be an old bloom. Follow calliope's advice on cutting, and you'll get many more blooms. Your overall shot of them looks wonderful, I think.

As far as colors, what kind did you buy? Did you start them from seed? What kind of seed? Was it a mix, or was it supposed to be one variety? You've obviously got several different kinds, so if it was supposed to be one variety, it wasn't, lol! But otherwise, seems to me you've got a nice mix of zinnia shapes and colors going on there.


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The colors are Purity (white) Entrantress (pink)Violet Queen (purple)

I started from seeds indoor in litle peatpods. All the Giant kind.

Should I put more fertilizer on there to help keep the colors good? The 2nd and 5th pictures the blooms started nice and dark but a few days later faded.
I havent gotten a full blooming pink one yet :(

I hope its just they way the season starts off..

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I did a google search on the Enchantress and Violet Queen, (and I grow Purity) and from what I saw, the colors you have look pretty good. (Except for your last photo - that one looks kind of orange!) I did read that Enchantress sometimes has a two-tone look to it, and I found one site where someone said theirs was a lighter pink than what they expected.

I'm not sure what you expected??? And I'm still not quite sure why you seem so upset. Yes, in some of your photos some of the blooms look a bit ratty, but could it just be the blooms are old? It looks like you have yours in at least part sun, along a sidewalk, which reflects heat, and if it is as hot where you are as it is here in CT lately, then that rattiness may be expected, especially if the blooms are a few days old.

The white bloom does look messy, as well as the one purple one above, but again, how old were those blooms when you photographed them? Have you found any insects in amongst them? Has it been excessively rainy or wet there? Did you get your seed from a reliable source?

I'm just trying to throw out ideas here to help. Maybe if you tell us what you were expecting compared to what you have, it would be helpful. I think overall your zinnias look quite nice and I hope you can find some enjoyment in them.


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Well Im not all that upset really just kinda feel like Im failing my

That picture was taken in the early morning. They get sun between 12ish to dark.

Well pictures one and two the petals never showed up. The little yellow flowers that come first would never show up..

That white one was down in the flowers and I just dont think it was under right conditions..

No insects but ants.
I do have pine straw at their base from when I was away for a week in Florida but other than that its just normal Ga weather.
The seeds came from a walmart stand lol

I am enjoying them. The newer blooms are looking WAY better than before so Im getting excited for them!

This morning I cleared some of the deader looking leaves out from the bottom so I hope that opens it up some and helps.

The blooms that arent top quality..Is it ok to still use them for seeds?

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Yeah, I knew "upset" was kind of a strong word, but I didn't know how else to put it, lol. I'm glad you are starting to enjoy them.

I never really cared for zinnias until I got a free seed pack, and when I grew them myself, I loved them! They're really one of my garden workhorses, although this year I had terrible results with them. Poor germination and then they never really took off and I lost many. Oh well, that's how it goes. You will have to post more photos of yours so I can enjoy them too, lol!

I can't really help with the seed-saving question, as I usually buy my seed. Hopefully someone else can help you.

Enjoy your garden!

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Should I cut the 'baby' zinnias that already are showing signs of browning leaves?

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