seed starting NOW?

mollyjanea(z5 RI)July 20, 2014

i have just harvested garlic, which, in my habit of excessive-ness, took up most of my veggie garden. so now i have lots of empty beds. i meant to figure out what to plant in its place and start them earlier than now in pots, but oops. i didn't. what would you recommend i start at this point in the summer? i am in coastal new england, zone 5ish. thank you.

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mollyjanea(z5 RI)

ps doesn't have to be just veggies...lots of room.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Most garden centres, at least around here have annuals and veggies on sale for dirt cheap. Might be easier to go see what you can find on sale.


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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

I agree with SouthCountryGuy, but check several places before you buy, unless the first place you look has something amazing that will fly out the door before you come back.

Some of the places around here still have everything at full price. Others have a few items marked down. Some discount everything, and then close for the season when the plants are sold. It usually depends on the manager of the particular business.

If you find a discounted item that pleases you, check the same place again later in the season for more bargains. Look beyond the plants while you're shopping. I've bought many supplies and durable items on seasonal markdown, including fertilizer, rabbit repellent spray, trellises, shepherd's hooks, solar lights, garden clogs, watering cans, and decorative flowerpots.

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You can spend some valuable time preparing for the best fall garden ever by testing and ensuring your soil is up to snuff. If you regularly plant the same crops in the same areas, you may find you need to amend the soil some. There are seeds you can start now; those that take a longer time to germinate, but you may want to wait a couple of weeks. The alternative is to start them in big enough pots they'll have good size on them when you transplant. That will ensure a quicker crop if you happen to be faced with an early winter...which is always a possibility with the weird weather we've had so far this year. And then, once you've harvested in the fall, start some more garlic! Garlic grows best when it goes through the cold temperatures...though it doesn't sound like you had any problem this year. I bet you planted it last fall :) I hope this helps. I wish I was your neighbor!

Here is a link that might be useful: Guide to Fall Vegetable Planting

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