Sparrows in my purslane basket?

crescent_moonJuly 2, 2008

I bought this huge,beautiful purslane hanging basket.It has

multicolor blooms and is very thick and lush.I have feeders

for the birds around my patio.The little sparrows seem to love this.6 or 8 of them at one time will come and hang onto the branches and the wind blows them around.I also

have a nice scaveola basket and they don't pay it any attention.So,I caught them chewing and yanking on some

portulaca I had in a pot;no wonder it got to looking so ragged!I googled purslane and got lots of sites explaining how to eat it.I am not about to eat something that was grown for outside use,but the sparrows don't seem to have a problem with it!I have seen them chewing on the leaves and some of the tiny blooms.Is this normal behavior for them?I have lost so much I had planted this spring on my patio.I live north of Dallas and it got really hot really fast this spring.I was hoping this basket would last well into the fall.Anyone ever have the birds eat your hanging baskets?!


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Hi there. I wonder if the birds are just thirsty. Can you put out some water for them? Maureen

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Critters will eat succulent plants in the absence of water. I went away for 2 weeks during august. I had someone water my plants but they forgot to fill the bird baths and the squirrels just tore my Christmas Cactus to shreads. I have known another case where they chewed to pieces soaker hoses belonging to people who didn't provide water.
Feed adn water the critters and they will not need to chew your plants to get moisture.
Linda c

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Well, duh!
I guess I managed to overlook the obvious!I do have a birdbath I can put out.We moved and I had left it in the garage and forgot all about it.I can even manage to put it in the shade.thanks for jogging what's left of my brain!

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Denah, No worries. I've had many a duh moment. LOL


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