Morning glories not flowering

dislowk8(z5 IL)July 6, 2005

I planted morning glory seeds (Heavenly Blue) in a hanging basket in May. Here it is July and I have lots of big healthy vines - but no flowers. This is my first time growing them. When are they supposed to bloom?



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

too much of the wrong fert will also cause such ...

and i think it is still a bit early for them ... depending on when you sowed them ...


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dislowk8(z5 IL)

I used potting soil with slow release fertilizer - nothing additional. I guess I just need to be more patient . . .

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Most likely reasons if plant appears healthy:
Plant not old enough
Not enough sun
Too much N


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It seems to take forever for them to bloom. But they will.

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Can I ask about having lots of buds, but buds not opening up? Does that indicate some kind of deficiency?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

When buds aren't opening there is usually a time deficiency going on - the plant needs to mature some. As long as buds aren't aborting unopened, you needn't be concerned. They'll open.


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happyhoe(z6 OH)

Heavenly blue takes 120 days to flower. You may get blooms earlie if the plants get root bound.

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dislowk8(z5 IL)

120 days! I had no idea. So I should expect blooms in September. For some reason I thought that morning glories bloomed early and often. I learn something new about gardening every day. Thanks everyone.


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LindaMA(MA z5)

My Grandpa Otts have been blooming for a few weeks now but my Heavenly Blue have not yet bloomed. I too did not know that they take such a long time. I sure hope it's not too much longer!

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mutts_fan(z5 toronto)

Happyhoe, good point! I have some MGs in pots and they are already blooming, others in ground are behind. Good trick! I potted mine because in past years, slugs or earwigs were eating them right after I planted them and placing it in a big pot with other annuals seems to help prevent that. One pot sits right outside the front door which is paved and I have fishing line tied from a stake in the pot to a nearby drainpipe for the MG to climb.

Mary Anne

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Last year, my heavenly blues were the last of my morning glories to bloom - but what a show when they finally did. They lasted well into the fall too.

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i planted mine a month ago - they have nearly reached the sky but no flowers yet but i know it takes time. i used to grow them years ago in a different house and just recently added this bed . when they do flower it should be amazing (i hope) and will post a pic. i used a huge (approx 3M tall by 2.5 M wide) piece of the wire grating (?) stuff builders use when pouring cement sidewalks, cut it with metal cutters to fit into an arch shape in the side wall of the house. it has full sun most of the day. my thinking was - since this is an annual, to have moring glories climb in summer fall, collect seeds, and use the same "trellis" for sweet pea in winter spring. (thta's when we plant it here) anyways, the MG foilage is just filling up like mad. also, i planted a variety (from seed) of purple and orange ones according to the pic on packet (ipomea mixed compositae) from seed to just wander around the garden and am waiting to see the results!btw, the leaves on this variety are bigger and a deeper green.any of you familiar with this variety?

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I had my first MG open today! This is the earliest I ever remember. It is probably (after reading this thread) because it is not my usual heavenly blue. I think it must be a Mt. Fuji that Gordon was kind enough to send me. Is Mt. Fuji deep purple with white stripes? The flower is really low on the plant too. It's beautiful!

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I grew Heavenly Blues last year and I don't believe it took 120 days to flower. It must of been 2 months or so. I read that they don't like fertilizer and so I just leave mine alone and just water. This year I am growing Crimson Climber.

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Mine have buds now but I haven't seen any open yet. I figured it was due to the extremely hot humid weather. Maybe not. Maybe I'll see some soon. They are volunteers from last year's plants--last year I planted blue star and milky way.

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I have had my morning glory - a giant green monster climbing up my house, with NO flowers or buds present - for over a year (maybe longer)!!! What could be wrong? I think it is a heavenly blue MG? I don't fertilize or over-water. No one seems to know what's wrong. Does it take that long sometimes?

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its been awhile since ive grown the heavenly blue variety of morning glories.....but as i remember.....for me they bloom later in the summer.......some varities seem to bloom a bit earlier

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The problem is they kept going UP! They should flower once the reach the top of wherever they're growing. I grew some from the ground up over my second floor balcony. They didn't start flowering until they reached the top and started growing back down and wrapping around themselves. They do flower late too.

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My leaves are huge. They are 8 to 10 ft tall on my pergula, yet I am still waiting for those beautiful, sexy flowers.I know they will come ...Plant them and they will come...

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In the spring I planted six teeny plants I bought from the greenhouse, on a fence line. They have been kept moist, not fertilized, and are in full sun. The soil is black muck.
They grew like crazy - I've never seen anything like it. They were pulling down nearby young trees with their weight.
Well - it's mid September, and they never bloomed once. As a matter of fact, we had a frost this week, and parts of the vine were killed. So, for no blooms, it will now take me hours to cut all this vine out of the fence and trees and other perennials. Must be a moral to this story, somewhere!

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