Favorite Basket/Thing for Carrying Cut Flowers In?

Maxine(5MA)July 23, 2012

Dear Garden Folk

I'm trying to find something to carry my cut flowers in.

What do You'all use?

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If I'm cutting too much to hold in my hands, I use a large mixing bowl.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Plants with longer stems, including woody branches, go into a bucket with a few inches of water. I also have half buckets....almost a beach pail....for smaller things. Cut flowers need to be placed in water right away or they simply won't last as long.

On a fun note...the "correct " contraction of 'you all ' is : Y'all. The plural usage is : All y 'all. :-)

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I too use a pail with water and put my flowers in it. I also cut any flowers first thing in the morning while they are fresh from the cooler night temperatures. The flowers last much longer when collected this way

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thanks for the ideas!
Y'all :)

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