Upside down cucumbers

Littleduck26(7)July 31, 2014

Hey all! I am growing some cucumbers right now at my father's house 25 miles away from where I live. I can't always get there to make sure the vines grow up the wire and find them growing along the ground a lot. When I go to secure them to the wire, I notice the leaves are bottom up, will this affect the growth of the cucumbers at all? Any tips on turning them right side up or are they okay like this? You can see some of the vines that have grown up the wire the way they were supposed to for comparison. Thanks in advance!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

The leaves will reorientate themselves. Leaves always turn themselves so as to maximise the area collecting sunlight. (Except of course when the sun is excessive in which case many plants have mechanisms to reduce their exposure.) Just leave them alone.

BTW there is a specific Vegetable Gardening Forum here at GW if you have more questions about growing veggies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetable Gardening

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Thank you floral_uk! I meant to post this over there and to do a post for my marigolds here and forgot to click over to the veggie area. By then I couldn't seem to move it. :-P

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

leaves are sun seeking machines...

a sunny day or so after moving a vine .... they will re-orient themselves ... what plant doesnt matter.. its just a general rule ....

you are going to have to do better with vine support.. the better you get at growing such .... as you can see ... your plant is very quickly outgrowing what you have .. and without stakes to support the chicken wire... it might collapse ....

also .... i dont understand the wood ... if you look under such.. odds are.. you will find slugs hiding there ... and no one wants to encourage a slug population ....

see you in the veg forum ... actually.. i wont.. as i dont visit there .. but i am sure you will find many new friends ... but if they let you down.. we will cover your back here ....


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Ken_adrian, thank you for your response. The chicken wire is actually nailed to the side there so it is secure. I haven't had any problems with slugs, or any other critters so far either. I'm glad the leaves will right themselves!

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