mary_maxJuly 10, 2012

Some of my larkspur have bloomed and set seed. I collected some seeds and left some to hopefully reseed and come back next year. So is it time to pull the plant out and toss in compost pile? Similar to what I have done with the johnny jump ups right? Thanks

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I wouldn't pull them sometimes they winter over. If you don't like the look of them in the bed cut them down a bit for now and down to the ground in fall. Then mulch them. In spring remove some of the mulch from the center and see if it sprouts. I use dry shreaded leaves for mulch in fall and I use the lawn mower to shread them

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Sorry, but larkspur is a true biennial, it does NOT come back from the same plant. Perhaps you're confusing it with something else, perennial species of Delphinium possibly?

Once they've done their thing, they die. But they do reseed very easily.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

my version of larkspur.. has shot its wad .. set and distributed its seed .... and is crisping and browning fast ..

if i were so inclined.. and had nothing better to do in the world..

i would be pulling them out ... otherwise.. snow will crush them away .. lol .. i am not retentive in my garden ... even dead stuff ... has some beauty .. lol.. winter interest they call it.. lol ...

googling larkspur.. bring up nothing that looks like my tiny little blue flowers on about 2 foot stems ... mine are very basic ... and i have no clue as to its true ID ...

so if you got mine.. pull them out.. job done ...


ps: i suppose you clean your house too ... lol .. all the power to ya..

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Do you all deadhead your larkspur? I have been cutting off the seed pods and having extra bloom. Will let them set seed later. Started doing that last year to prevent some of the seeds from self sowing. Increased blooming time by at least a month.

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I'm confused. Was given seeds from this year's crop. Should I sow them now?

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