Why only Bubblegum?

rouge21_gw(5)August 9, 2014

I know this petunia has been around for several years but in my experience (each season for the past...4 or 5) it is so far heads and tails above other petunias in terms of vigor. It is bomb proof.

Here are our two plants in a pot on our deck.

Am I behind the times? That is, has PW or other companies developed a petunia as good as Vista Bubblegum but in other colours?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Ooh, that's almost pretty enough to make me like petunias again! That must put a smile on your face whenever you look at it.

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Edie(5 NY (Finger Lakes))

I've been behind the times too, and haven't grown many petunias yet. I looked at results from petunia trials and there are at least a couple more good ones. Vista Silverberry ranked high and so did Bordeaux. I decided to try Bordeaux this year and it immediately became my favorite petunia. One plant from a PW 4.5" pot quickly filled a 14" basket. It's been covered in flowers and looking fabulous since the day I bought it. As a bonus, the blooms are fragrant at night.

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Bubblegum is my favorite.I save 1 over in my greenhouse for cuttings.Will have to try Silverberry & Bordeax next year.

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tahota(USDA-5 Sunst-2b)

I planted Bubblegum for the first time this year. This is only four plants (two in the center). They are like petunias on steroids! I did a single application of slow-release fertilizer when I planted them in the spring and nothing since. I just wish they had other colors besides pink. Something this vigorous in red would be nice. It is really pointless to put more than one in a pot or next to each other... they get so big.

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tahota(USDA-5 Sunst-2b)

Here is a pot of these from a single tip cutting I took from one of the plants above. This variety is a freak of nature. Nothing should grow this fast. It is out-competing my mint... we had to pull out some of the petunia in the center of the image above so that the mint wouldn't be smothered.

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One of my 6 big pots of Bubblegum.

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