Zinnia question

mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)August 17, 2014

Anyone have pics of Benary's Giant Lilac growing in the garden you can post? I'd like to get an idea of the color. Or, can anyone describe the color in relation to Benary's Giant Purple, Uproar Rose, or Purple Prince? I have grown all of those and am familiar with the colors.

As an aside, for those of you who have grown both Benary's Giant Purple and Purple Prince, which do you prefer and why? I want to grow one of them next year in a certain spot in my garden - I remember the flowers being quite similar in color but can't recall much about the form, disease resistance, fading of blooms, etc.


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Uproar Rose:

Copy and paste into your browser. Have not trialed Purple Prince

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I appreciate this info. My only suggestion would be that pictures are taken on an overcast day, as the sun glare can make it difficult to detect some colors (especially purple). Probably the data is more important to you than the picture.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Thank you for the links.

My Uproar Rose and Benary's Purple did not look the same as the links, agree that the sun makes it difficult to detect colors.

Perhaps I should just buy a packet of BG Lilac seeds next year and grow them in an inconspicuous location so I can see them for myself :0)

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Mantis, there are 8 weeks worth of photos for each variety, some ARE taken on an overcast day. With 5 acres of trials, the data collection crew doesn't have the luxury of waiting for an overcast day. They look at over 65,000 plants....

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