Companion/mix plant suggestions for Snapdragons?

jitsmith(5)August 12, 2014

I have two garden areas that I want to mass Snapdragons in but I'd like to mix in something else for foliage contrast and color between blooms. I plan to Winter Sow seeds, and I'm starting to plan orders already (I know, way too early but I'm a newbie and this is the first year and . . .)

I'm looking for something simple to sow and grow, blooms thru summer, pref long-lasting flowers. Coreopsis tinctoria comes to mind, needle foliage and upright manner, but it may not show well among the Snaps foliage, that's why I thought about Larkspur to gain some height. Anyone have other ideas?

I do plan on using Digit's "pinch a third every ten days" scheme to extend the Snaps bloom periods, but looking for something extra for the first few years of the beds as they fill in - one is a 5'x8' oval raised island, the other a 2'x4' section of the back border.

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Dusty Miller makes a great accent plant or if you're looking for a perennial, Artemesia 'Powis Castle' (also spelled 'Powys'). There are so many beautiful coleus varieties that can take a lot of sun that would work well, too. For flowers with contrasting foliage cosmos would work (just check the varieties....some of them get monstrously tall ; 'Sonata' is a shorter variety.) and so would blue salvia (I like S. farinacea aka mealycup sage 'Victoria Blue' and 'Fairy Queen' which boasts a bi-color blue & white flower spike.)

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Snapdragons don't come in blue, as far as I know. How about one of the taller blue ageratums, like Blue Planet? Might be a nice contrast.


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Gairid- love the Artemisa idea. I have a Powis Castle growing in a half barrel out back, lovely fan of intricate silvery foliage. Have Cosmos this year, bloom is too late for my purposes. Salvia - ?eh, maybe, have to think on it.

Gary - no blue is why I thought of Larkspur, but I'll check out blue ageratums now. Have also thought about Liatris. Used some Balsam and Cosmos this year but don't care for color combos.

THX guys, suggestions dumped into my mental compost pile, see what comes up when I start ordering seeds.

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