Osteospermum - ideas as to what I did wrong?

ilmgSeptember 28, 2006

Hi, have 6 osteospermum plants and had only 2 blooms. They were in full sun / were fertilized @ 1/2 strength q 2 wk and I have a bad tendancy to water a bit too much? Thank you for input!

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freeway daisies? the kind that spread?
plant and neglect is the recipe for success. i don't even water them in summer.
maybe there are new introductions i am not familiar with, but the basic osteospermum is bullet-proof, which is why it is planted to landscape freeways in CA. very low maintenance.

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deep---- have not grown Osteospermun before and know they are also called african daisy and don't know if they would spead in my zone. Never heard of freeway daisys. Mine are in a container and it sounds like: some neglect is needed! Thank you.

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Every spring I see osteospermum and just fall in love all over again. I've planted them in pots, in the ground, in full sun, in almost full sun -- and they NEVER do well after the initial flush of blooms that were on the plant when I bought them. This year the purple ones were glorious for about ten minutes. The plants spread out and were exceptionally lush . . . but I bought them for flowers, not foliage.

"What did we do wrong?" I've come to the reluctant conclusion that we just chose the wrong plant! Maybe someone else can advise us! I'm always disappointed.

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Hi hostagrams!!!
A few years ago the Walmart here had a bunch of really beautiful osteospermum and I fell in love with those beauties! Just today, I noticed that I have thee 3rd bloom for this season! Ya hoo??? Hey hostagrams - let us not fret and move on to some other beauties!!! Glad to hear from someone that feels the same way: about a wanna-be beautiful plant!!!!!!!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I have been buying them for the last 2 seasons, and the jury is still out...

The first summer they were planted in hanging baskets with petunias. One little dry-out and they were totally dead, the petunias were fine. This year 2 out of 3 died in the same way. One is still alive, a pretty purple/white in with dark purple petunias. I thought it was dead in the high August heat, but it came back and is now blooming more heavily than it did anytime earlier this season. Now, of course, when I'm hardly outside anymore...

The flowers are nice (when they are there!) but their growth habits make them hard to use. I find it odd that they insist on growing straight up, and the flowers always face straight up; and stems cannot be induced to drape in any way: so look odd for hanging baskets. Then all the lower leaves die, and you see skinny bare stalks on the bottom.

They need to be in a pot where you look DOWN into it. I'm thinking about taking cuttings or bringing this one in for the winter, as the color is something I've never seen before. IF I use them next year, I will plant them in something low down. They are expensive (at least the only place where I saw them) so I will think twice. At that nursery they put them in big pots that were huge mixed planters in with all sorts of stuff. That was what induced me to buy them in the first place. The bright daisies peeping UP through the other foliage, were, perhaps, the best way of using them. If they did die later the other plants would fill in in no time.

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I have had good experience and love them.I had them in full sun.I think the key is to deadhead often also after the first flush of blooms I gave them fish emulsion along with my liquid fertilizer that I use all summer.

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They have their own website www.osteospermum.com
...lots of info on culture and care and wintering over. Mine are still blooming. I saw a gorgeous plant in Tucson Botanical Gardens that was sheared to a round shape and later covered in blooms.

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