Who's got Morning Glory blooms in Z5?

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)September 4, 2013

I do!!! It's the first flower today! WOOHOO! She's so beautiful! How long do they lasts? Do they flower crazy like Stella D Oro?

Unfortunately, my wait was too long for the Heavenly Blue variety. I waited 3 months from seed. Any other variety you can suggest that is quicker to bloom, prolific and long blooming like to frost?

Also, on the other side of the pergola, I have a bloom but it's still close from Moonflower. I'm sure it will bloom tonight. :) Oh, you can also see moonflower buds on the picture. :D

Anyways, here she is. Same flower

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Beautiful!! Love the heavenly blue MG ,moonflower combo. I ahve them paired together as well. My purple morning glories (I think they are grandpa ott) are very prolific.first MG to bloom for me and reseed themselves every year but the blooms are smaller than heavenly blue. You're so lucky,Im still waiting for my moonflowers!!

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Mine took 3 months to bloom. Finally got purple ones this week...forgot the name. This summer has been very unusual for morning glories...very late.

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They're beautiful but the wait time is just ridiculous. Our temps might go down soon and I don't know if MG/MF are frost tolerant.

I was reading some info about MG while I was at work. I was sad that few guys on a thread about MG says that one MG flower only last a day. Someone also mentioned that when she got home in the evening, the flower is done. I got home about 7 and guess what, she's still there waiting for me. :D I took more pictures of her. HAHAHA! I see tons of buds. Can't wait to take a picture of the whole pergola! I will definitely share it with you! :)

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It's my first time growing MG. Normally when(month) does yours bloom?

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I planted scarlet ohara and grandpa otts. They've been blooming for a few weeks now. No where near as big and beautiful as the heavenly blue. I am still waiting for the heavenly blue. Moonflowers have been blooming a few weeks too. I didn't think the moonflowers would open before the heavenly blues. Don't remember that happening before. But, everything is planted in a different spot this year. It's been a weird year for all of my annuals.

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Hi, v1rtu0s1ty,

This morning glory has been blooming for about a month now. It came up volunteer, which gave it an early start.

These were growing here when we moved here. I am not certain whether it was originally planted, or whether it is a weed. It looks to be too small to be a Heavenly Blue. It could be a "Bindweed". In any case, morning glories tend to be invasive and, as I recall, the state of Arizona prohibits the import of morning glory seed for that reason.


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To answer your question, mine usually bloom by August. Certainly not as late as September!

The deer seem to be eating the flowers this year. I just threw on some dried blood to repel them.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Don't know what USDA zone I am in but I have had purple blooms from adventitious plants for about a month.

The interesting thing I just discovered is that they make delightful cut flowers. I snip off about 14 inches of a fast growing tip with many healthy buds and put it in a vase with a single long stem rose and just watch. Fascinating.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

I was really disappointed in my Moonflower until mid-August - FINALLY started blooming then. I'm really enjoying it now, the flowers are pure white and huge. I bought a transplant that was fairly large, so I doubt the problem is starting them too late, so does anyone know why the Moonflower/Morning Glories bloom so late up here?

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